We believe that design and technology will push the human race forward.

Digital is in the service of and helps us humans in our well being. With our designs contributing to this, is what drives us and gives our work meaning.

Rooted: For more than 12.5 years

In 2005, Redkiwi started with the aim of becoming the best Dutch bureau with the biggest digital impact. Hundreds of customers have helped us in growing, getting bigger. Our team of kiwis has ever since been expanding and we presently have 40 digital designers and doers. And thanks to our professional partners, we can as from now call ourselves a Full Service Digital Agency.

  • A sustainable approach

    Only when a kiwi is ripe, it is at its best. That is no different for technical solutions. That's why we take the time to get to know your brand. At the same time, we are fully committed to your customer. This results in a technical solution and timeless design that brings both worlds together. No quick and dirty tricks but a deep-rooted and sustainable online approach, which you will enjoy for years to come.

  • Create Digital Impact

    Shoot on target and don't let go. That is always clearly in our sights. We design digital worlds, we build structures and connect systems. With a healthy dose of 'soif de vivre' and wayward way of work we pick up your story and give it a unique twist with which your website, webshop or webapplication has the impact that we have in mind.

  • Ready for the future

    We work from the open source principle. We build on universal foundations. That makes our digital solutions timeless and flexible. Our solutions are ready to grow up to the sky. And that is where our customers reap the rewards.

  • A kiwi has never grown

    At Redkiwi we utilize the qualities of all our kiwis optimally. You too know: the technology is as changeable as the weather. That is why we attach great value to training our own kiwis. Through personal training programs we ensure that everyone can get everything out of themselves and the latest techniques.

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  • Digital designers & doers..

    At Redkiwi you never have to worry that your digital issue will be lost in the dense bushes of projects. Our team is big, but our involvement is bigger. At Redkiwi everyone knows what is going on and the lines are short. We get energy by sparring with the right professionals about best practice for your story. Each with his or her own view. And you notice that, because every detail is thought of!

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  • Open minded

    We believe that design & technology brings people further. That digital is at the service of human well-being. The world is not about us. We know that very well. That is why we have voluntarily helped several non-profit organizations with their digital challenges for years.

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The Redkiwi prize box is well stocked. Over the years we have acquired many beautiful nominations and awards, which we proudly share with you. In addition, we are members of the DDA (Dutch Digital Agencies).

  • Dutch Digital Agencies
    Dutch Digital Agencies

    Together with other leading Digital Agencies, Redkiwi is connected to Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). The DDA stimulates the professional, transparent and creative ability of the industry.

    Read more about the DDA.
  • Dutch Interactive Awards
    Dutch Interactive Awards

    For eight years, the most interactive work of the Netherlands has been put in the limelight at the Dutch Interactive Awards. You guessed it: Redkiwi was on the nomination list! And for the Corporate category.

    Read more about DIA.
  • Emerce Top 100
    Emerce Top 100

    In 2016 we were in the Emerce top 100 for the fourth year in a row. We are well on our way to achieving our goal: to become the agency with the most digital impact of the Netherlands. The Emerce top 100 is a special annual publication in which the results of an image survey are published.

    Read more about the Emerce top 100
  • Mailplus Agency Award
    Mailplus Agency Award

    In 2015 we were invited for the first MailPlus Agency Award event from MailPlus. And yes! We were one of the Award winners.

  • Deloitte Technology Fast50
    Deloitte Technology Fast50

    Redkiwi has been nominated for a number of years in a row for the Deloitte Technology Fast50: the ranking of the fifty fastest growing technology companies in the Netherlands, the Benelux and EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Asia).

    Read more about Deloitte Fast50
  • FD Gazellen
    FD Gazellen

    The Financiele Dagblad and Graydon determine each year the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Redkiwi was already in that list a few times! Facts & Figures about Redkiwi and the FD Gazellen awards: - In 2012 nominated for the 5th time in a row - 23rd place in the Top 100 of 2008 - Three consecutive years in the Top 100 (2008, 2009 and 2010) - Several times the ' fastest growing internet agency 'on the list.

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