Redkiwi grows to 5 stars in the Emerce100

Emerce is a multichannelplatform about online business and marketing. Emerce offers decision makers in e-business inspiration and knowledge.

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The 100 Best E-Business companies of 2019

On April 9, 2019, the fourteenth edition of the Emerce 100, best e-Business companies 2019, was published a special annual edition of Emerce. Here They show how decision makers from the online industry assess the performance of service providers, divided into dozens of categories.

The Research Covers five areas: Offices, E-Business services, Media & Advertising, Software and Venture. What Emerce presents is an image survey, displayed on a 7-point scale; The number of stars is therefore up to seven. This research has been carried out by Motivaction and is enriched with other relevant market data. In Total, 759 companies were investigated.

Redkiwi has won 5 stars in the Category: "Digital agency full Medium" and thus sets a growth compared to 4.5 stars in 2018.