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On Thursday 21 November our Digital Marketing Masterclass took place in collaboration with LinkedIn.

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Digital Marketing in 2020

On Thursday 21 November our Digital Marketing Masterclass took place in collaboration with LinkedIn. Guest speaker Taha Karacan, Account Director Marketing Solutions at LinkedIn, had flown in from Dublin especially for this day. Martijn Baart, Digital Marketing Strategist at Redkiwipresented in the first session the vision of Redkiwi in the field of digital transformation. 

With digital transformation we quickly think of technology. In this master class Martijn went deeper into digital transformation from a marketing perspective, using a number of cases. He also presented the most important online marketing developments and trends for 2020. 

We'll list a few tips for you!

Digital Transformation tips!

Martijn Baart - Digital Marketing Strategist at Redkiwi.

  • In traditional marketing, the product is central, change your strategy and think from the customer's point of view. This can be done simply by having a good data strategy, so that you can become even more relevant to your customers. 
  • Due to all technological developments, we see a shift from an 'inside out' approach to an 'outside in' approach, as a result of which it is not your product, but your customer and his network that is becoming increasingly important.
  • Objectives and KPI's are there on multiple levels. Provide a clear vision for the goals you want to pursue and the KPIs that need to measure this.
  • Be relevant to your customer and do so through the right channels!

How you gonna do that? Feel free to contact Martijn, he will be happy to tell you how!

The future of LinkedIn.

As a B2B organization, it can be difficult to reach professionals who make decisions and influence the decision-making process. During this session Taha talked about the power of LinkedIn Marketing Solutions and how you can reach every target group with a different message.

We'll list some of his tips for you!

Reaching your target group

Taha Karacan - Account Director LinkedIn Marketing Solutions.

  • LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms is a handy tool to generate leads based on content (such as white papers or articles) and events that you can then follow up yourself.
  • LinkedIn's dynamic ads are targeted at your target audience and make them more relevant.
  • New: 'LinkedIn Events' allows you to organize your B2B customer event from LinkedIn.
  • Not yet available for everyone, but in the pipeline: 'LinkedIn Live Video Streaming'. For broadcasting interviews, events, webinars and live streams of your video content directly to your network.
  • Not yet available, but also in the pipeline: 'Product Marketplaces', the ideal environment for B2B organisations to bring marketplaces directly to the attention of the target group.

Do you want to further build your B2B relationships? Let our Digital Marketing Team help you reach and convert your target group!

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