Digital visibility has never been more important

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It's a matter of the long haul.

Never before has it been so important to set up your digital landscape properly, to be visible among your target group and to take action. In these uncertain times, focusing on the long term can offer perspective. To be ready for the moment when the economy gets back on track. 

In this Kiwi Byte we explain why digital visibility has never been more important and give some tips to increase your visibility on various channels.

What is digital visibility?

Actually it's very simple, digital visibility is having and creating a strong digital footprint. This makes you digitally visible and present among your target group on various channels. Think for example of Google Ads, Google organic results, social media and e-mail. This does not mean that you have to use all these channels. Bring focus into your digital strategy and make sure you choose the channels where your target audience is present.

Why is being visible important?

In this day and age, many organizations are affected, but there are many more people online. Of course, nobody has an exact idea when this period will be over. The moment the crisis is over, you have to be there among your target group, but also have been there. You want to stay top of mind with your organisation and that is only possible by being visible and retain and/or create involved end-users. Partly because of this, digital visibility is important to your stated achieve objectives and KPIs.

Where should I be visible?

In this Kiwi Byte we indicated earlier that you choose channels where your target group is present. This could mean that your target group doesn't use social media or doesn't search for your company via Google. We would find that unlikely, but it is possible ;). 

Form a digital strategy in which you research your target group. You determine who your target group is. At which moments of the customer journey you need to make contact with the target group and through which channels you do so. Finally, you determine the message with which you communicate.

How do we measure visibility?

Visibility can be increased in several ways. For example, for various organizations we look at:

  • Social media > reach of a post
  • Social media > degree of involvement in a post
  • Social media > growth in the number of followers
  • E-mail > open rate
  • Google Analytics > Number of (new/returned) visitors
  • Google Analytics > Session length
  • Google Analytics > Bounce rate
  • Webinars > how many people register, how many have there actually been

These are all examples of how you can measure the visibility of what you are doing. This can be done in Excel sheets or through a Google Data Studio dashboard in which you can visually and easily show your realized results and with that the progress against KPI's and targets.

How can I increase my digital presence?

Up here we were talking about dates. Dates is the starting shot and the finish line and then you start your next marathon again. If you have few or no dates, we advise you to arrange this properly. Based on your data you can analyse what works and what does not. Where the so-called content gaps lie and therefore you need to jump in or stay away from them. With data analysis as a starting point, you will increase your presence as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Practical tip from our digital marketers

Take a look at your social posts from the past 3 months. Put all your social posts in one overview with consecutive columns: day of the week, time of publication, your reach, your involvement percentage, the number of likes and the number of responses. Analyze your posts one by one and indicate (e.g. with a color from red to green) which posts were good. 

Based on these social posts, create a new series of socials posts and choose the moments when your target group is most active on the different platforms. Keep turning the buttons this way to increase and improve your digital presence.

Do you have questions about your digital visibility or can we help you increase your visibility? Please contact Martijn. He will be happy to help you.

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