A Call To Action for a higher conversion in e-commerce.

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Sticky CTA

When shopping online, we are all tempted, consciously or unconsciously, to complete a purchase as quickly as possible. What attracts us? What 'social proof' do we feel during an order? What turns online snooping around into an impulse purchase? There are many different applications to convert visitors faster and an inevitable part is the Call To Action (CTA).

In this Byte we explain why your visitor should not lose sight of a Call To Action.

Call To Action for conversion increase.

You want to serve your customers as well as possible with a CTA button that contributes to a higher conversion. You want to help the visitors and lead them to a purchase. Without being obtrusive, the buttons should stand out. 

On product pages where you want to give a lot of information about the product, the visitor can lose sight of the CTA. At the bottom of the page you don't see a button anymore and you subconsciously don't have the trigger to buy something directly. Sometimes people (on desktop) think that when they have scrolled down too far, they are on another page. They then click on the "back" button in the browser. This way you get rid of them. On mobile phones, scrolling is much more common than on desktop, the chance of dropping out is high when you don't see a CTA. So it is important to always keep the CTA in view. 

We are 80% interested in the content above the fold. By displaying the CTA sticky, you can still see the button when you scroll on. When you can choose 'add to cart' or 'checkout' at any time, you create less downtime, control the visitor and keep the Click-Through-Rate optimal. 

They're doing it too.

You may not always notice it, but all major e-commerce platforms apply it too. Wherever you are on the webpage, you will always see the CTA on your screen. When you look at more pictures of the product or when you scroll further to the product details, you continuously see buttons like 'shopping cart' (Bol/com), 'order now' (Zalando), 'add' (H&M) or simply a '+' (HEMA & AH).  

Also at the Feyenoord fanshop you always see the 'in my basket' button. The striking red CTA sticks at the top of the page when you get more information past 'the fold'. Here you scroll through information about the product, you receive attractive social proof, like your idol with the article in an attractive tub and navigate through positive customer reviews. You want that product, really! You can always add it directly to your shopping cart.

A sticky CTA increases conversion, a best practice for immediate execution!

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