essential for your webshop; The right search engine!

When the search functions work optimally for visitors, it contributes to increasing the conversion. Our customer support team has years of experience with the possibilities within search engines. In the next article you can read how to bind your visitors to the webshops.

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You know the feeling, hunting online for bargain deals. You want to give yourself something beautiful, looking for some presents, but.. You can't find what you're looking for. You are looking for further in the webshop, but there are too many results and you will literally get no visualization. You are crocheting. Nothing is, when shopping online, as annoying as it doesn't (fast) can find what you're looking for.

For our shops customers it is one of the most essential parts of the webshop; The search function. Visitors want to find the products easily and quickly; As soon as the search results do not fit properly or are waiting for themselves, they will be hooked.

Web shop visitors can be divided into searchers and non-searchers. 80% of searchers seek a specific product and seekers buy 5 x more often than non-seekers. At every second waiting time, 30% of visitors leave the webshop. The speed and findability are therefore of crucial importance.

We have many tips & tricks for all search engines to interconnect visitors to your webshop.

Jarah Gartener

Customer Support

Support employee Jarah recognizes the problems and advises our customers about the possibilities within the search function. Jarah: "We always try to advise the customers the right search engine for the webshop. Different providers such as Magento, SOLR and Elasticsearch can be the correct solution. We build our webshop in Magento 2. Magento has its own search engine, but most customers we like to recommend ' SOOQR '. "

SOOQR is a very advanced search engine. When a search term is entered, all results are displayed in detail. This way you will not only see the product names but also see the products in a nice grid view or List view. In addition, a short description, the price and the review score are shown. The filters are set by the customers themselves. The design of the Instant Search has a beautiful, modern style and the products are displayed at lightning speed. "We often recommend SOOQR to our customers, it works very quickly and can be customized for each customer in the house style and colours. In addition, the customer gets his own backend login to set the desired filters. Although the website of SOOQR has an international appearance, it is a Dutch party with an extensive helpdesk, which works very pleasantly "says Jarah.

Curious which search engine fits best in your webshop? Jarah is happy to help you make shopping for your customers easy. Jarah: "There are many tips & tricks for all search engines to bind visitors to your webshop".  And when your visitors shop simple and effective, you create loyal customers.