The ins and outs of Magento Imagine-Las Vegas 2019

Colleagues Jasper Verbunt and Gijs Bitter were present at the event Magento Imagine. The annual event took place this year in the world's lightest city – Las Vegas.

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Magento Imagine

Magento Imagine Las Vegas | May 2019

Partly because Adobe Magento has been taken up with great eyes on the Magento Spectacle in Las Vegas. What is going to change, what are the possibilities and the impossibility? What are the consequences for SMES? Fortunately, it quickly turned out, only improvements and advances within the world's largest open source platform, which will certainly remain open source!

Our Kiwis Jasper and Gijs visited Magento Imagine 2019 in Las Vegas. From 60 + countries the largest innovators from the e-commerce world met. The event was Jam news, inspiration and network events. Over 150 speakers, during presentations and breakout sessions, have popped up on the developments of Magento And the possibilities of e-commerce. We've listed some of the developments in Adobe, B2B and Google for you.


Magento Seems to take advantage of the power of the new owner Adobe. The development of the platform is accelerating, through the new cooperation. Especially in the field of performance and security, large steps are taken. Adobe recognizes the power of the community of Magento And this is the importance for SMES. This recognition reassures many attendees and its customers because Magento Remains accessible to the majority of its users.

To be able to offer advanced solutions, innovation was an item on the agenda that Jasper and Gijs really looked forward to. For example, Adobe Sensei will Magento be used for AI driven related products. More and more Adobe products are expected to be combined. Welcome future! :)

Experience driven Commerce, also in B2B.

Much attention was paid to Experience driven Commerce. It is and remains the main driver within this ecommerce platform. Personalization and customer centric throughout the chain becomes the distinctive ability. Many strong cases were shown and made a lot of inspiration, for example, AB/InBev turns 5 billion sales per year with Magento Commerce B2B.

The B2B Suite is also very successful. This is a Fully equipped suite, with specially developed business 2 business functionality. This includes all ' standard ' functionalities such as customer specific prices, quick ordering based on article number, offering different catalogs per user, multi-user accounts, a simplified ordering process and much more.

Another notable development is that more and more shops combine B2B and B2C.


The new features, always fun! Google Product Search and Amazon links become part of Magento , this makes it easy to display the products of your webshop in the two largest search engines. This gives the products a greater reach for a broader audience.

Page builder, formerly ' Bluefoot CMS ', will be a standard feature in Magento 2.3.1 Commerce. This creates a drag-and-drop interface for both the developer and the user.

Headless and progressive web app are also the buzzwords of the event. With the new ALE studio in Magento Commerce 2.3.1 is playing the platform on this new technique. Venia, the ALE theme of Magento , is already available and still in full development. On the roadmap for 2019 is also a Venia theme for B2B.  

During Magento 's Imagine conference in Las Vegas also has the new Magento Association made its debut on the global stage. From now on you can become a member of the Association.

It was a nice, successful but above all very interesting event. After days of information gathering, networking and sharing of knowledge, the above information is a fraction of the possibilities of Magento . We are happy to tell you more about the e-commerce solutions. Please contact our certified specialists.