Meet the kiwi: Jesper Bom

Even after working time, Jesper is busy with programming. Yes, you know that you have a dedicated back-end developer in-house. That we are happy with him is a fact, so time to show Jesper to the public! In this article we like to tell you more about him.

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All day puzzling

Jesper: ' I have a passion for the scripting language PHP. With this I create customised websites and applications and I invent technical solutions and functionalities. I see every command as a new puzzle: you have to make sure all the puzzle pieces fall into each other. So I'm really puzzling all the day. '

They are just people

' I am engaged in devising and developing new functionalities and improving obsolete functionalities. I always say: a website or application is just a human: back-end editors determine the character, front-end editors determine the appearance. '

Jesper works mainly with TYPO3. That is a content management system that is technically, in terms of development, quite complicated. For example, you can build complex functionalities and provide customization, as we RET have done. Jesper: ' If a website contains a lot of data for example, we often choose TYPO3. Among other, TYPO3 can specify all fields separately, you can create multiple websites in one installation and you can easily manage multilingual content.'.

To invent new functionalities I find one of the nicest things to do.

Jesper Bom

Developer at Redkiwi

Everything is possible

Jesper: ' Every day I come again to face new challenges. To invent new functionalities I find one of the nicest things to do. I find it cool to find a technical solution to the customer's question and translate it into the code. And it's nice to see once it works. '

Strong team

When Jesper stepped into Redkiwi 1.5 years ago, he immediately came into a warm bath. ' The Redkiwi team feels like a friends club that works hard and goes for results. The atmosphere at Redkiwi is ideal! Jesper works mainly with front-end developers, fellow back-end developers and project managers. He is closely involved in the entire website process, from kick-off to going live. And when the website is stable, Jesper comes along to explain everything ins & outs of the backend.

A typical NERD

Jesper describes himself as a typical nerd: ' In the evening hours I continue to make new solutions. Programming is really my hobby! In addition, I also love Netflix, gaming and super heroes. '