Redkiwi Extends to a four-headed MT

Rotterdam, 21 May 2019 – Full Service Digital Agency Redkiwi extends to a four-headed management. In addition to Jasper Verbunt (CEO) and Corine Denekamp (CHRO), Edwin Plag (CCO) and Axel Eichhorn (COO) join the current MT at C-level. This reinforcement represents the successful growth of the organization.

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Edwin Plag, no stranger in the industry, has been appointed as commercial director (CCO). Edwin has more than 20 years of digital work and management experience. He was commercially responsible for Tamtam (Dept) and director of his own internet office. "A nice step and I look forward to working with the whole team and to the commercial developments of the brand Redkiwi"– Says Plag.

Axel Eichhorn takes place as operational Manager (COO). He takes over this role from Corine Denekamp. He has been working with customers of Redkiwi for several years. His managementrol will now focus on the internal operation. A role that suits him well. Corine Denekamp (CHRO) about the new team "It is very nice to see that our growth has ensured that we can also grow on C-level". Denekamp is in Redkiwi responsible for both HR and Finance. After a short period, the entire MT was started as a team to increase the growth of Redkiwi.

Jasper Verbunt (CEO) – "Oalso my role will change and I look forward to taking Redkiwi to a higher level with the new managementteam. In my new role I will focus mainly on innovation & technology."

Redkiwi, founded in 2004 by Jasper Verbunt and Victor Straatman, has been a well-established name in the industry for years. The two students were allowed to grow the internet agency in 10 years to a team of 19 employees. After the departure of the Straatman in 2015, who emigrated to Canada with his family, Corine Denekamp joined the MT.  By a proposition change in 2017 and the acquisition of AlterNET Internet BV in 2018 Redkiwi grew furthermore, in recent years, it has been able to successfully double to almost 50 employees. Because of this progress it is time to extend the MT as well.