WordPress with red sauce

No update, no adjustments, lots of bugs & zero fixes. For our developers, working with WordPress was far from ideal for our complex projects. Time for a change! The specialists of the WordPress team were given the opportunity to develop a new framework. This allows us to better serve our customers and give them exactly what has been designed for them. In addition, these custom-made platforms can always be adapted and updated. Hallelujah! Read on and discover the possibilities of the RedkiwiWordPress Framework.

Why is it any Redkiwidifferent? Read on (better)

Everyone belongs to the WordPress, and the WordPress belongs to everyone.

It is the best known and most used CMS in the world. From amateur football club hobbyist to software experts, it's the standard CMS solution. WordPress is accessible and recognizable for everyone. It is a seemingly easy system and is trusted worldwide. It works on the basis of open source, anyone can design and add plugins and themes for the community. Super social and handy!
That sounds great, so let's get on with it, shall we? Unfortunately, the open source CMS also has many limitations that we as a digital agency and support & hosting party experienced on a daily basis. 

What's wrong with it?

As mentioned before, anyone can add plugins and review them in WordPress. All plugins and themes that are added are stand-alone elements. They do not necessarily cooperate with each other and they are not isolated. This allows the plugins to get in each other's way, as it were, and they can easily go flat; finding the cause, however, is not so easy. In addition, plugins cannot just be modified. This is the biggest problem we have to deal with. 

We have no control over the code of the standard WordPress framework. The front-end and back-end are interwoven. You can't just make an adjustment without affecting the operation of the entire website. If you want to change something on a website, for example adding a button or content element, that is no longer possible. At least everything is possible, but then there is an unexpectedly high price tag. Also, the added plugins often get a certain styling, something that is far from ideal for the front-end of your website. 

Another problem for customers with a standard WordPress solution is the updates. They're not just possible. A WordPress website consists of so many elements that the entire shell of plugins and themes cannot be updated in one go. This means that many man-hours are needed to add a small content element to the code or to perform an update. Is that even worth it? No, says the customer, who initially cannot understand why the quotes are so high for a small adjustment to the site.

Time for a change!

Because of all these disadvantages and the frustrations it caused for our developers, we decided that this could be done differently. As a digital agency, we want to be able to guarantee the work that is delivered. Our experts have started working internally; we still use WordPress, but only as a basis. It's the foundation, it's strong and safe. The security updates from the CMS itself are good and reliable. So WordPress is a solid foundation to build on. 

First of all we stripped the CMS all the way down to the ground, the housing and foundation are completely open to build exactly what has been designed. In other words, to build exactly what the customers want. We apply modern technology to the old, standard CMS. Model View Controller(MVC) promotes the readability and reusability of code. The front-end is separated from the back-end and all possibilities to build a website can be used. 

We do not use templates, standard themes or simple solutions. We develop large corporate solutions and we use the OTAP street. Each feature is first tested in a test environment and the customer agrees before going to the site. 

All building blocks, the elements that make up a website, are developed individually and custom made for each customer. These fully customized solutions are linked to WordPress and have no limitations. This means that each page is accurately constructed based on the design. We call this it Redkiwi WordPress Framework.

What's the point of all this?

The possibilities are endless.

We can adapt our developed platforms, make improvements and always update easily without having to rewrite code. There are few bugs on delivery and the bugs that exist are easier to fix. The number of support hours that our customers have to take up is significantly less than with standard WordPress solutions. 

In addition to the greatest benefit for the customer (that everything is now possible), there are a number of other important advantages. The customer still works in a recognizable interface, it looks the same, only more simplistic and therefore more user friendly. This is because you only get to see what you can work in. The advantage of this is that the corporate identity of the organisation is protected. Your communication staff can easily fill content and it's always in the right style. The corporate identity of the organization is built into the customization of the back-end and cannot be changed. So whatever you do, it always looks consistent. Yes, by this we also mean that that nice new intern can't get away with your beautiful design and the style guide of your brand ;). 

Google happy? You happy!

Getting high in the Google search results, that's what we all want! Your SEO and SEA must all be properly configured, but don't forget the website itself. Google reviews your site and rewards you for good behaviour. Make the internet easy.

By building the site logically and only loading what is specifically needed for each individual element, the website will be rated higher by Google. They reward you very well for that by a high ranking in the search results. Thanks to the RedkiwiWordPress Framework with its custom components, no unnecessary functionalities are loaded when opening pages. This makes your site faster, which is also very much appreciated by Google! So you get a reward for good behavior. The bravest boy in the class is in the front, also online.  

The latest WordPress projects from Redkiwi have been developed in the Redkiwi WordPress Framework. As well as the own website of Redkiwiwhich was launched in January 2019. It often happens that someone wants to add 'a photo' or 'would like to link with a call to action to another page'. Previously, this took quite some time or even was eventually abandoned. Because we, too, are familiar with the discussions between the communication department and the development team. If we want to post a news item right now, that's no problem and it works great! The RedkiwiWordPress Framework continues to be developed; for example, there will soon be an update with a button in the dashboard where the customer can directly insert a ticket in the customer centre. Super simple! 

With our new framework, the possibilities are and remain endless and your website is always up to date! This means that our customised solutions are sustainable. 

As a digital partner, we help our customers to make an impact. And that doesn't stop at going live. Would you like to know how we can make an impact with WordPress for your organisation? Feel free to contact Paul. 

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