Make your team enthusiastic

Talent is essential to the success of any agency – without passion, dedication, creativity and know-how, we cannot serve customers in the way we could serve them. But attracting great talent is one thing, retaining them is a whole other.

Here are four ideas that you can apply to create environments in which people thrive, grow and achieve satisfaction from their work.

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Create a high-performance culture

The most successful agencies are powered by high-performers and to attract and retain these people, you have to create environments in which they can grow and flourish.

Create incentives that reward and acknowledge good work – for example, offers ' chill days ' to employees who are working overtime. Create compensation plans and adopt a flexible approach to work – this will build a form of mutual trust and respect.

Take a flexible approach to work-this will build a form of mutual trust and respect.

Kristina McCoobery

Chief operating Officer

Leave the corner office

Inspiration for new projects, briefings and proposals come from our immediate surroundings. So choose lively, open offices that appeal to the imagination and promote cooperation. Sometimes a conversation with a colleague in another department can be the beginning of a new idea for a customer project.

Go for modern spaces where all employees are equal and inspire them with things that give your team the ability to time out and press the reset button. Think of ping-pong tables, Pac-Man machines and a plethora of healthy snacks and drinks to keep people's energy levels high and creative processes flowing.

The power of being together...

Bringing together everyone in one room can be incredibly powerful, so it is important to plan events for employees. For example, we have Redkiwi Monthly meetings, every Friday knowledge sessions/inspiration sessions and at least 4x a year a trip on the calendar. It promotes work within multidisciplinary teams, leading to higher employee satisfaction, inspiration and improved productivity.

Don't get too comfortable!

Set your teams to success. You do this by providing them with the tools and resources they need to get out of their comfort zone. Assign them a task that they haven't completed before. Let them lead a call or meet a new customer. Share on-the-job lessons with your team and encourage them to be a mentor to others.

When employees are satisfied, they produce their best work and this makes customers happy. If we are able to create environments and introduce policies where teams thrive in this way, our agencies are created to flourish and grow far into the future.

SOURCE article: The Drum by Kristina McCoobery, COO at Invnt.