Webinar: Digital transformation [free]

On Thursday 28 May we will give a free webinar; Jasper Verbunt will tell you all about realizing a digital transformation for your organization.


Digital transformation

Every organisation has (digital) challenges. The digital transformation is the next step in a series of technological developments since the industrial revolution. This transformation goes hand in hand with a new way of working and communicating within organisations. Will your business still exist in 3 - 5 years? Why do you continue to exist and not your competitor? 

Traditional problems we can solve through the use of technology, that is digital transformation. Jasper explains in this webinar that digital transformation is a process to deploy opportunities, expectations and possibilities for a (more) digitally oriented organization. 

Registration is closed. Soon you will be able to view the recording via this page.

Webinar digital transformation

Thursday 28 May at 14.00 - 15.00 (registration closed)

Jasper Verbunt: CEO & Founder of Redkiwi (2004), focuses Redkiwi entirely on innovation and management. He is also a board member of the Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) with the Thought Leadership portfolio. He represents the vision of the Dutch digital industry and as an innovation expert he is a welcome speaker at events in the digital industry. 

Soon you will be able to watch the recording of this webinar here.