A new website for AAG that fits in with the new strategy in terms of design and structure. AAG makes care better by advising and supporting care organizations with more than just solutions.

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Successful together!

The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

A new course, so

Changes are coming

In recent years, AAG grown has been to an organization that advises care organisations and supports them with more than just solutions. This new course had to be reflected in the new website. Not only did the design have to be looked at again, but the structure was completely changed.

Affiliation with the target group

The result

"A very beautiful and user-friendly website that fits in well with the wishes of AAG and the wishes of the target group. With the CMS the maintenance of the website is easy". Winand Verhoeven, Marketing & Communications Manager AAG. "The website contributes to the new share price that AAG has set for itself. As the focal point of many of our communication activities, the website contributes to the communication objectives in terms of branding and lead generation."

The project manager of Redkiwi has a grip on the process and the planning, communicates clearly and manages to manage the expectations. That works very pleasantly.

Winand Verhoeven

Manager Marketing & Communicatie at AAG

Create Digital Impact

The new website must create digital impact by connecting to the visitors, fit in with the identity of AAG and helps them to achieve their communication goals. He also meets today's requirements in terms of design, responsiveness and findability. And does justice to all facets of AAG without emphasizing the internal organizational structure.

The process

But how did that go?

We have started to set up a project group. This project group consisted of employees from different departments of AAG andRedkiwi. During working sessions, the most important target groups with concerns and needs were discussed and identified. In doing so, AAG has gratefully used the results of a previous survey among their most important stakeholders. On the basis of these working sessions, we presented a concept with which the broad outlines were immediately clear.

According to AAG, the adjustments from concept to live were very smooth and effective. After the live performance, there are always technical and visual dots that you can't know and/or avoid in advance. It goes without saying that we solved this together quickly. After all, we are digital designers and doers.