Bold Monkey

They are the maximalists of the interior world. Bold Monkey! Don't expect any standard design furniture in the online brandshop. Bold Monkey offers a platform for lovers of design who always go for unique instead of uniform. For Zuiver B.V. (since 1998) this is the first brand that they also offer online to consumers. Zuiver B.V. is probably already known from the brands Zuiver and Dutchbone, which are already sold in more than 70 countries.

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Extravagant. Unique. Everything is allowed and more = more!

The question

Develop a webshop for a completely new, daring design brand that is scalable and can keep up with the growth of the brand.

The challenge

Bold Monkey has an idiosyncratic style. Use the webshop to convey the 'Bold Monkey feeling' that the makers of the brand have in mind so well.


No time for dullness and a more = more aesthetics

Bold Monkey is a design brand that is different from other interior brands. It's extravagant, stubborn and unique. A brand for people who dare; who always go for unique instead of uniform. No time for dullness' and 'you hate it or you love it' are spells that have been written for the brand. The collectibles are unique and sometimes extreme. The makers don't expect you to buy your entire interior in this style. Maybe, she says, because; anything is allowed! But it is precisely those eye-catchers that make your home (literally) high-profile. Bold Monkey is not only available in their own online brandshop, the most trendy concept stores in Europe also sell the collection. 

"We chose Redkiwibecause the feeling was good and they understood what is needed for the growth that Bold Monkey is going through", says Eveliene van Zanten - e-commerce specialist. "In addition, the story of Redkiwi well within our budget, the tight deadline and they work withMagento, our requirement for the construction of the shop."


Extravagant. Unique. With Bold Monkey, the following applies: more = more!

The house style was fairly established. The colours and typography were included in the style guide and a moodboard reflected the atmosphere. To Redkiwithe assignment: create a webshop, with the necessary functionalities, that exactly reflects the Bold Monkey feeling. UX designer Sander made a design for the webshop from scratch and immediately hit the nail on the head. Eveliene explains: "For us, this was the most exciting part of the whole route. Does the agency know exactly what we mean by "the Bold Monkey feeling"? And can they convey that, too? When we saw the concept of the design we were immediately convinced: Yes, they get it, this is what we mean!" 

Kiwi Sander has created an idiosyncratic design that fits the 'stay bold, not beige' feel of the brand. Based on the colour chart and a mood board, the challenge was to pour the plotted style into a digital sauce. 

The extensive color palette is generic; you can change the colors in the backend. This can be done for any background of any product and for some elements a color can be chosen from the style guide. Sander: "So the customer can go all out, which fits in perfectly with what they want to convey with the Bold Monkey brand: Boldness & brightness."

DIGITAL: A unique custom made shop that dares to be different.

The e-commerce team was eager!

A unique custom made shop that dares to be different. The developers of the Magentoteam have the layout and the different design of the unique design completely custom made developed. Because of the design, the webshop really feels different than other shops. The product pages are fully custom made, so it doesn't look like a standard webshop anymore. It looks more like a product's landing page than a webshop. The landing pages to display the products are distinctive. However, the information about ordering and the call-to-action is very clear. The design was the biggest challenge, for example the oblique style element. For the developers there was only one task, build the exact design and make sure it works. So to speak...

Eveliene on the technical realisation: "The cooperation with us Redkiwiwas very pleasant. The lines were short, also with the developers, so we could switch quickly. The development points were picked up quickly, even with small things in between. The whole project was a great experience." 

The webshop is built in Magento2 and is completely ready for the growth that the brand awaits. Scaling up is therefore no problem. The elements have been made reusable, so Bold Monkey can easily add content blocks itself. Consumers can scan a QR code on the product packaging to link them to the manual. Super handy! Of course there is a link that updates the stocks. For the biggest fans, products can also be ordered through a pre-order module, allowing you to reserve your ultimate collector's item (limited edition) until the moment it is available. Because before you know it, the chance of a unique golden crane has flown. 

IMPACT: Everyone is looking forward to the BOLD-AS-EVER wannahaves!

A shop that grows with the brand

The first orders came in soon after going live. People had been looking forward to the collection of the new interior brand and there was a lot of attention in the media and among influencers for the brand. When we went live, the collection consisted of 35 products and this is being expanded further and further. The collectibles are extravagant and some products of the collection are available in a limited edition. Only a few of these limited edition items are available worldwide. For example, the panther table (yes) has a limited edition and each panther has a golden chain with a number. Special and unique!

The shop is continuously being optimised to take it to a higher level. The collection is constantly being expanded with new, beautiful and spindle-axis beech-wannahaves! 

 Discover Bold Monkey...before you're late...

The design phase was for us the most exciting part of the whole project. Does the agency know exactly what we mean by "the Bold Monkey feeling"? And can they visually convey that, too? When we saw the concept of the design, we were immediately convinced: Yes, they get it, this is what we mean!"

Eveline of Zanten

e-commerce specialist - Bold Monkey
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