Eddie shows products and brands from their best side, with packaging and labels that stand out and surprise on the shelves. Such as Coca Cola, Heineken, Grolsch and Royal Club.

The printing company underwent a total Digital transformation. The instigator? The new webshop! Which has not only become an online Maatwerkordersysteem, but which also generates a fully automated process up to and including the start of the printing press.

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So you realize a digital transformation

The question

This webshop should not only be an online maatwerkordersysteem, but a fully automated process up to and including the start of the printing press. Yes, please also send the automatic shipping via PostNL and automatic billing! Thanks;)

The challenge

Mapping, digitizing, developing and linking the entire workflow of the production company. Mind you; The price must be accurate and each chosen material, size, shape (plus 11 other factors) determine the price per label!


Online leader

Stand out by being unique? This is possible with label printing and packaging printing company Eddie. They produce full colour labels, shrink sleeves, cheese labels and flexible packaging that stand out in the shelf. Customer contact, the order system and the production of the labels was completely offline until 2 years ago. Of course they received e-mail, but orders by fax and telephone were still common. 

The company set up in 1891 has undergone a digital transformation in recent years. The feasibility study of 2017 concluded that the bottom of the customer wishes to order pyramid products through a webshop. In 2018, the first steps were taken.

Why there for Redkiwi was chosen? "First of all was Redkiwi Immediately enthusiastic About our story. It is contagious when someone else is in your concept Believes. In addition, the webshop was realised in Magento 2, this is an open source platform that offers a lot of opportunities for growth "– Marije Hamre – Marketing and e-commerce manager at EDD. 

The key question: Build a webshop that only offers customised products and is also linked to four other systems so that the order flow automatically expires. Hamre: "It is widely known that printing companies generally want to help the ' big boys '. But also companies with small runs are important to us; We only had to furnish the service differently so that we can help them well and quickly. "

The main goals of the digital transformation are: 

  • Make small orders more efficient
  • Better utilization of digital machines
  • Increase customer base (risk spread)
  • Additional Sales

Undeniably linking a lot of data

The linking of data in the EDD project was very challenging work where we Redkiwi Team of e-commerce specialists are all too keen to put our teeth in. A complex Magento 2 webshop. The printing company offers custom labels for example bottles. Each order depends on many factors that also need to be digitally processed. Think of: shape, size, material, finish, print, winding (and the state of the winding), labels per roll, core diameter, numbers, etc. All these factors affect delivery and price. Each chosen image has a die-cut. Redkiwi Has all the punches entered and preselected. For the custom products we developed a Configurator, which ensures that the imported data exactly matches the correct delivery conditions and price. Sometimes a certain size of stans does not exist, then there is a list with similar sizes. This affects the turnaround time and cost of production and delivery. All of this is calculated automatically. This also takes into account the winding of the roller and the bulge of the bottle. This will automatically select the correct sheet.

In short: lots of data!

This whole process of information gathering has effect on the editor; The formatting module. The e-commerce team of Redkiwi Has Magento Properly developed to ensure that the editor sends the correct information. A total of four systems must be linked together in order to be able to start the printing press automatically.

Redkiwi is responsible for the total trajectory of Strategy, Concept & Design, Technical realization en Online Marketing. We made a digital functional design of the printing company's entire working method. 


From custom order to production

What has been developed? A webshop for online compiling and ordering of various labels on roll. The Customer can use an online editor, upload artwork right away and approve it. In addition, it is set up and coupled with the order systems that the orders automatically to the presses. 

Artwork is technically controlled by a system and converted to a print file. In addition, a system has been linked to the printing presses Controls. Many data streams have been linked together in order to be able to Realize. Upon payment of an order, a delivery order is immediately forwarded to PostNL by the PostNL integration we have applied. The invoice is also created and forwarded directly. 

An order is ready for production! And it works! 

Edd manages in Magento The windings, punches, finishes, materials and shapes. They can make adjustments and add parts to the module that we have created. 

The Redkiwi Development team about the project: for us it was important that we understand the entire process of the company in order to be able to regulate it exactly. In the case of printed matter, the calculation and the duration of the production are very important. The price must be exact and that is dependent on many factors (14). There is a complicated calculation script behind it. In addition, there are measured in different units; meters, minutes and pounds. These calculations will also be separate from any surcharges and shipping costs. These are the nice projects for a developer! And it is super cool that the whole process has so much influence on a company. We have now started the development of the webshop.

Results: Already immediately at the first orders customers of the EDD gave to be very satisfied and that they find the tool very user-friendly. They are happy to be able to place an order at any time and that it will be delivered exactly within the agreed delivery time. Although the digital transformation has optimized the work process of the EDD, the printing company's personal contact is highly valued. Customers are called after an order, as Eddie likes to know his customers and their wishes. In addition, in this way, EDD obtains feedback to better set up and optimize the webshop. Convenience, service and quality are paramount in the printing industry.

Thanks to Redkiwi We have been able to achieve a part of our dream: to help our customers with a simple ordering tool that allows you to compose and order your labels at any time. No hassle, don't wait long and immediately know where you are at. There we love and our customers too. Redkiwi Has a good team with specialists who wish to make excellent tailor-made work in something useful and work perch.

John Hamre

Marketing and E-commerce manager Eddie