Hatenboer-Water is a specialist in water treatment for various business markets. And it's been since 1906! Now, more than 100 years later, Hatenboer-Water is known as a full service company for water treatment. With offices in the Netherlands and Singapore, they supply sustainable water to offshore and land-based industries worldwide. An international company, in need of an internationally oriented website!

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Tailor made water

The question

Bring all the information together and design a website so that Hatenboer-Water can serve customers worldwide.

The challenge

The versatility of activities in the field of water makes it a challenge to make clear what Hatenboer-Water stands for.

The world behind water


Hatenboer-Water has a lot of information available for its customers. They design, produce, install and maintain water treatment systems, but also supply the spares & consumables and have a water quality consultancy department that provides training and sampling.

Showing and telling about their entire scope of supply is therefore the main goal of the website. But, they offer so much that the route to 'the perfect match' can sometimes be a complicated one. The versatility of activities in the field of water makes it a challenge to make clear what Hatenboer-Water stands for. The various customer groups must also be approached in this context. In addition to the nautical customers, horticulture, food & beverage and aquaculture, for example, must also be addressed. Redkiwideveloped a clear website in TYPO3 to make this clear!

So much to tell


We used a lot of content blocks with short texts and pictures. With these content blocks, it is not only clear and user-friendly for the users, but also for Hatenboer-Water itself. By means of the separate content blocks in the backend, they can easily adapt and change content without affecting the front end.

We tackled the process using the scrum method. After short sprints the different teams showed their development. In this way, all requests were implemented immediately and any problems were solved. After going live, we spent Redkiwithree days at the office of Hatenboer-Water to explain all the ins and outs of the website.

Since the beginning of 2019 hate farmer-neptune live. This website is developed in the same CMS. Where Hatenboer-Water has only been delivered in English, this website is available in two languages: Dutch and English.

A website with


The website of Hatenboer-Water has been live since March 2018. The website is easy to find and up-to-date. For example, staff use the website as a source to get documents to the customer. Visitors are more likely to find the information they are looking for. As a result of the restructuring and various applications, a clear website has been developed. For example, by using the right filters. Smart search filters on the product page will quickly get you to the right place. You can select based on market, type of product and brand. We have created subfilters that make it easier to find the right product. When selecting the filters, the dynamic search field is immediately adjusted.

Hatenboer-Water has representatives all over the world. On a dynamic world map all locations of agents and stock points are loaded automatically by means of the Geocoding API. This API retrieves the latitude and longitude, based on the business addresses in Google Maps. These addresses are then automatically linked in the backend to the custom-made legend.

The other gem is the self-built Mailchimp plugin. In Typo3 this clutch did not exist yet. And there's no such thing as a clutch? Then we'll build it ourselves. It is now possible to subscribe automatically to the Hatenboer-Water newsletter via the contact form. The website shows the world behind water and serves the customers of Hatenboer-Water in a clear way.

Our visitors come from all over the world and have their own specific needs. During the preliminary phase we took a lot of time to think about the site together. Where and how do we reach all the sports? Tailor Made Water has proven to be a good starting point as an umbrella tagline. The website gives the right colouring.

Cynthia Meulenkamp-Nooteboom

Manager Communications