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HTM is the public transport company of and for The Hague region. HTM has always been firmly anchored in The Hague society and, with its trams, light rail vehicles and buses, is a recognisable and familiar face in the region. With more than 2,000 employees, they provide a significant proportion of collective passenger transport services by rail and road in The Hague and in the region.

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The question

From an outdated, stiff website to an intuitive platform in which every stakeholder is involved. Not least the 325,000 daily travellers who want to travel smoothly from A to B in the Hague region by bus, tram or bicycle. But also the future employee or municipal official needs to be able to use it.

The challenge

As is the case for passengers, HTM wants a good connection. This requires a completely new platform with a journey planner, up-to-date line information, fault reports, ticket information and the latest figures for key stakeholders such as local residents and local municipalities. Within five months, by the way.

A lot is happening in the region of The Hague.

Whether we're talking about Hagenarians and Hagenese, parliamentarians, dune people, regional shoppers, cultural sniffers and loads of foreign tourists, they all have to end up in the right place in the court town or surrounding municipalities. HTM takes care of that, and we are talking about the net-no-ten million travellers a month. Many of them depend on the HTM site for their travel information. But the company didn't like it any more. "Adjusting something was a crime," says Kim 's-Gravemade, passenger communications specialist at HTM. "The website was so interwoven in itself that it was impossible to add a function or element. HTM, for example, has more to tell than the local travel line; we also have a corporate story, vacancies, a CSR policy, and figures and results that we would like to share. There was no room for that on the previous website, and it was all done via a separate, corporate site. We wanted to get rid of that cumbersomeness. And most importantly, we wanted to make our website much better for our travellers. That's why we wrote a tender for a completely new website, which is indeed complete, completely from scratch". Of the five agencies that signed up, it Redkiwiwas .

"And no wonder, actually," Kim continues. "The agency is very experienced in the travel sites with their work for our colleagues at the RET in Rotterdam. Not only did that talk very easily, it was also instructive."

Clear language, without half words

"Tenders are always puzzling," says consultant Joost Tieleman of Redkiwi... "There is a list of 500 requirements that you have to meet exactly, and the deadline was also set in concrete. We started in November and at the end of March the site had to go live, because on 1 April the contract with the previous website had been terminated. Understandable, because it remains a semi-public institution and you don't want to pay twice. But it's quite a challenge to bring so many functions and information together. The cooperation between Redkiwi and HTM had to be perfect. I can already tell you that we've made the switch."

HTM was Redkiwi assisted in formulating a vision, the target groups and the objectives. A storymap was drawn up with an overview of all tasks in order of priority. "What is very important here is that we speak the same language together and have a 'shared understanding'," explains Joost. "By thinking along from the start, both parties know exactly what they are talking about. Because that is more difficult than you would think beforehand. By making this process common, we prevent you from being like: oops, this is what I actually meant completely differently. Half a word isn't enough - in the beginning it's really about bringing together all the different expectations into one common image.

Sprinting together

Good consultation is also very important during the development process. As product owner and point of contact for and on behalf of HTM, Kim did her work in Redkiwithe office. "Because we worked in sprints, I had to make decisions every time. You can pick up the phone, of course, but to be able to sit next to it and watch, it's super fast. Where should that button go now, how big is that text box? The house style was already there, but Redkiwi developed user-friendly icons and buttons that point to themselves, so travellers don't have to search for long. I also knew at HTM who I could place a certain choice with. That's how the checklist flew by."

"The website was built in TYPO3's cms, slightly more complex than the previous site, but with a few lessons the HTM staff got the hang of it", says account holder Edwin Plag vanRedkiwi. "Moreover, in March one of our kiwis spent a week at HTM's head office helping to fill in content. In advance, we had already made a prototype using a clickable design by Figma to test the site among passenger groups. HTM put a group together and gave them assignments. In this way, we solved as many stumbling blocks as possible for the live run. In addition, we introduced digital marketing, with clear analytics and which socials you use for which content with which imagery.

And what about the other stakeholders? "The vacancy page has been placed, the corporate page is neatly placed in the menu, there is a page where local residents can read more about upcoming work and we now have a public transport dashboard where transport figures per month are clear," says Kim. HTM's online passenger platform went live on 24 March. Yes, in the middle of the first corona period. Next on the agenda: a personal environment for the individual traveller and a linked webshop to purchase season tickets and individual tickets online. This is how online and offline public transport in the Hague region flows smoothly.

By developing a single platform, the noise for HTM's online communication is now gone. Redkiwi their experience in passenger sites has helped us to make clear choices that work. They knew exactly what to look out for and helped us move forward quickly.

Kim 's-Gravemade

Product owner HTM

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