Mammoth Merchandise

Mammoet is a specialist in heavy lifting and multimodal transport. Their specialty is transporting, shipping, placing and removing large and/or heavy objects from and to any location, on land or on water. Mammoet serves five major markets: the petrochemical industry, the energy sector, the civil sector, the offshore industry and the maritime sector.

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The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

For everyone

Mammoth Merchandise

Mammoet wants to be able to serve all its target groups - from consumers and Gold Members to retailers and staff - optimally. That's why we were asked if we could develop an e-commerce platform that could be reached anywhere in the world. The shop had to be optimized for each device. Clearly. We took care of that!

Different product categories

On you can find all the gadgets, scale models and clothing of Mammoet. Redkiwithis webshop has been set up in three forms:

A team full of expertise

Prior to the technical realization we had several strategic sessions with Mammoet. This involved Redkiwivarious disciplines, including technology, design and online marketing. The strategic sessions resulted in a complete plan. The project was then divided into two subprojects:

  • Design (fully responsive)
  • Technical realisation
The shop had to be optimized for each device. Clearly. We took care of that!

E-mail marketing

The webshop is equipped with Spotler and a storelocator. The customers are imported into both systems and divided into the five customer groups. From Spotler, Mammoet can easily carry out various mailing campaigns himself. Spotler provides clear statistics, so that each new action can be tailored even better to the target group in question.

Links between

The back-end and back office system

We developed the e-commerce platform Magentoand linked the webshop back-end to the back office system (SAP). Ideal for order placement, stock management and the handling of product shipments.