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Redkiwi has created an online brand book as a digital partner of MediaMarkt. The 'wow' of Mediamarkt comes strongly to the fore with its mission and vision. Stakeholders and employees can access all MediaMarkt's house style files, documents and rules of use via a login via the protected guidelines. The Netherlands is the only country where the brandbook of MediaMarkt is offered online. 

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Netherlands frontrunner with online brand book

The question

Create a brand website for the mission and vision of MediaMarkt and where all stakeholders can see the corporate identity guidelines and make them their own.

The challenge

Everything must be developed entirely in the style of MediaMarkt. Also elements that normally have their own house style. A custom made brandbook.


The brand MediaMarkt

Before the launch of the online brand book, MediaMarkt communicated the guidelines by means of powerpoint presentations. Logos were e-mailed in PDF format, for example via WeTransfer. To more efficient In order to be able to provide users with house style closures, it was time to develop an online brand book.  

The question for Redkiwi: Create a brand website on which consumers can read the mission and vision of MediaMarkt and on which all stakeholders, including marketing agencies, can see the corporate identity guidelines and make themselves familiar. 

The new brand book has been developed primarily for external agencies that make statements and for internal employees of, for example, the marketing communications department. The brandbook is a 'one pager' and the files are available in different file formats. MediaMarkt manages and issues the login details itself to provide access to the online brand book. 


Animations bring the platform to life.

"We have developed elements in the brand guidelines", says Jeroen Brouwer - project manager at Redkiwi. "Of course, we had to keep the same style for the brand book. The technique is custom made and the smart animations bring the platform to life". 

The online brandbook is in both Dutch and English. The mission and vision first emerge clearly, as does the experience of the 'wow-center'. Via the link to 'brand guidelines' you will be directed to the login screen to gain access to all MediaMarkt visuals. 

The login module for suppliers has been specially developed in MediaMarkt's house style. In WordPress, a login module is given a fixed style as standard. After we made the design, our developers adapted the framework for a better recognizability. In order to translate the experience more into the 'wow' of MediaMarkt, the login module is now also fully in line with the house style.

When you have access to the expressions of MediaMarkt, all suppliers and employees will find the extensive information and files of: the brand story, with the mission, vision, brand values, tone of voice and design. The styleguide; with the agreements on logo, font, surface division and colours. With the colors, the color code can be copied and used directly. In addition, you will find the rules at the channels, such as: posters, LED, TVC/Radio/OLV, online banners and mailing. And you'll find an overview of the campaigns conducted during the year.  

All files are clearly displayed, the attached information tells you how the files can and may be used for expressions of the number one retail chain for consumer electronics. The guidelines are also worked out in a 'one pager', the menu runs along with the item where you are at that moment. 

Jeroen Brouwer: "MediaMarkt can upload images and video files. In the images, crosses and tick marks can be used to indicate how content may or may not be used. Accompanying text simply explains the rules of use to the stakeholders. When certain appointments are changed or when changes are made to the house style, 'Note elements' can be added to the brandbook. This makes it immediately apparent what the user needs to take into account".


Efficient, clear and user-friendly

The working method is efficient and the users who are left so far are very positive about the online brand book and the development. A number of suppliers and internal employees of MediaMarkt tested the brand book before it was widely communicated. The reactions have been extremely positive. The handy tool provides greater ease of use, the site is very user friendly and the English brand book was also warmly received. 

Wendy den Toom - Brand Executive of Media Markt about the fire site: "The site is very clear, a 'one pager' works very well and is user friendly. You get to the right topic right away when you click on it in the menu bar". Den Toom about Redkiwi; "It's a nice collaboration, ideas were put forward and we could finally see what we thought was relevant. The team was very helpful during the creation and the final realization!

The Netherlands is so far the only country with an online brand book and is ready for the future with this flow of communication. The extent to which this project will be extended to other countries in which the organisation is active is still unclear. 

It's a nice collaboration, ideas were put forward and we could finally see what we thought was relevant. The team was very helpful during the creation and the final realization!

Wendy den Toom

Brand Executive of Media Markt

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