NRC Webwinkel

NRC Handelsblad is a household name in the Netherlands. The quality newspaper, offers much more than the latest news. The NRC webshop fits in perfectly with the needs and interests of the NRC target group. Redkiwi developed the new webshop: a shop that is easy to manage and that provides many returning visitors.

390% more newsletter subscriptions
16% more conversion
18% visited more pages
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From complexity to simplicity

The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

Design: focus on

Returning visitors

The NRC focuses on an average slightly older, wealthy permanent constituency. The webshop therefore gives a quiet surrounding, while there is room for lots of information. To make the webshop more convenient and user-friendly, specific product groups have different layouts.


Connections and 100% automated fulfilment

The product range of the NRC webshop is wide: wines, travel, but also theatre tickets, books, e-books, etc. To show all the products in the shop, we have made a number of links with external databases. The different product groups all have a different fulfilment process. After each order, the fulfilment party with which it is linked – for example 'Centraal Boekhuis', a wine supplier, or a travel agency – will immediately be used for processing.

A webshop aimed at a specific target group. And leads to results.


Full Service Digital Agency

Magento Enterprise

We have built the NRC webshop in Magento Enterprise. That's special, because we usually build web shops for our customers in Magento Community. Magento Community is a very sturdy platform with many functionalities. For a large webshop like NRC, the Enterprise Edition offers just a few nice and more extensive extras.