A Dutch company that completes the food chain. It was not for nothing that HQ opened King Willem-Alexander, together with Minister Carola Schouten of Agriculture, Nature Management and Food Quality, the insect nursery in Bergen op hem. A case to be proud of!

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Food in balance with nature

The question

Developing an international business card that reflects the growth, ambition and story of Protix.

The challenge

Protix is sustainable. The challenge is to make the digital landscape more sustainable as well. By means of elements that are reusable and that can be linked together.



Insects are the ingredient of the future. That's what Protix believes in. With high-tech solutions, artificial intelligence, genetic improvement programs and robotics, Protix brings the food system back into balance with nature. They are not only conquering the Netherlands, but Protix is known worldwide as the market leader in insect cultivation. A unique, innovative company that asked for a ditto website.

Intuitive navigation structure


Protix would like to take the next step. That meant a corporate website that radiates the right professionalism. Although it is a very technical and industrial company, Protix finds it important to tell a story about its content. So: what is their history, what are their values, goals and what products do they supply?

The website is the business card for the company. The design radiates the following themes: durability, freshness, clarity, self-confidence and modernity. In addition, on the website there is a lot of use of quiet, natural colors. And because Protix operates internationally, the website is in English.

The site has a very intuitive navigation structure. The navigation is based on three inputs and anchors are used to link different elements together. In short: there is a lot of movement in the backend! Another special element is the footer. Here, too, you will find the menu, so that you can find your way wherever you are.

Sustainable food chain


Protix is a young company that was founded in 2009 by Kees Aarts. They produce high quality proteins made from insects, especially the larvae of the black soldier fly. These proteins are used in fish and animal feed and replace animal proteins and soy, which often come from the other side of the world. In this way, Protix contributes to a sustainable food chain. A beautiful story that had to be told in the right way in the Protix Journey!

With the clear design items around products and concepts, we are able to tell our story well in a future-proof design.

Jaco Jansen

Product Engineer Protix