LIVE: Cosmo Hairstyling, Team Hairdressers, Brainwash and Yes! Lounges. In short, the brands of Provalliance have new online platforms to serve their customers.

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The question

Create 4 platforms for the second largest hairdressing company in the world and both Dutch and European market leader.

The challenge

Make sure you navigate the site easily and make sure the content is always variable and up to date!

Cosmo Hairstyling, Team Hairdressers, Brainwash and Yes! Salons

dominate the hairdressing scene

The name Provalliance may not ring any bells, but I'm sure you've come across one of their brands. Cosmo Hairstyling, Team Hairdressers, Brainwash and Yes! Salons dominate the hairdressing scene with 375 salons. And with 3 million visitors per year and a turnover of 100 million, they are the second largest hairdressing company in the world and both Dutch and European market leader. As a digital partner of Provalliance Nederland, we have developed 4 new platforms to bind visitors to the brands.

Four brands all with their own style and their own target group. The originally French umbrella organisation Provalliance Group owns a total of 17 well-known hairdressing brands. In the Benelux, Cosmo hairstyling dominates, Yes! Salons, Team hairdressers and Brainwash have been the hairdressers' street scene for years. 


There is have been a clear focus on the salon detail pages with their own 'Make an appointment' button. Easily schedule your appointment online!

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It was quickly clear, the four sites should all inspire & inform their own target group and visitors should be able to easily make an appointment. The information must be up to date per salon. In order to manage the four Dutch brands efficiently, it was a requirement to develop an easily manageable interface that works in the same way for the different brands. "Peggy Zwetheul - Head of Marketing at Provalliance Netherlands - is looking for an easy backend in which we can work very flexibly ourselves. "Above all, our visitors must be able to navigate easily through the websites in order to find the right information as quickly as possible". Visitors to the website search for specific salons, for example in their neighbourhood. Each salon has its own salon page on the new platform and has its own opening hours. All this data must always be up to date. 


By placing a lot of images on the websites, Provalliance will inspire visitors with the latest trends and looks of their customers. This is achieved by placing links on the homepage via an Instagram feed and a Lookbook (via flowbox). 

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Thijs Hebels - Project Manager Redkiwiabout the project: "The salons use software in which the salon-specific data is included. Each salon can adjust its data, such as the opening hours on public holidays and the after-dates". Every night the data from the system is synchronized with 'Google my business', through a link this data is transferred to the salon pages of the website. "That's natural Super, because at the salons where you can't make an appointment, it's so nice that when you start the route via Google maps, it immediately shows if the salon is open. As a visitor you know that this information is always up to date" - says Thijs. In addition to the specific data such as address and opening hours, the latest customer reviews per salon are also uploaded onto the website every day. 


Find your salon with the interactive 'salon finder'" Then go straight to the details page for salon details!

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All four websites are developed in the Redkiwi framework. Nothing more than necessary is loaded and the house style of the brands is protected. The full explanation from us Redkiwi framework you read here. The framework has a very user-friendly interface. 

There may also be easily add content to the platforms through a clear backend. 


Each salon has its own details page including opening hours and reviews. And always up to date!

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We are very happy with the delivery of the new websites and believe that this is a good basis for the future of our brands. The cooperation with Redkiwiwas very pleasant, the team was easily accessible and the delivery went as agreed.

Peggy Zwetheul

Head of Marketing of Provalliance Netherlands