RET ' Aardig Onderweg '...

RET is the dynamic public transport company of Rotterdam and transports approximately 185 million travellers every year. This group calls for comfortable and carefree travel and there is an online service that fits in seamlessly. Redkiwi has developed a platform that provides all necessary relevant travel information.

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Bus late? We pass the data on!

The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

Thought about the future

RET wants to be able to communicate with its travellers, offer real time travel information and sell various travel products. Digital agency Redkiwi was asked to develop an online platform that can be used for multiple applications. Consider the website or the RET app, as well as the automatic generation of offline communication.

The new platform should support the current tools used for information provision, as well as future new communication channels. In addition, the new platform must give possibilities for personalization.

Real Time info for travelers

The result is a platform that provides the real time information provision for the traveller. Unique to this project is the diversity of functionalities that contribute to this, as well as the many links with third parties. All data coming from these parties is enriched, so that RET can provide a range of travel information to the end user, with the available data: real time! Every second, the platform processes multiple requests from different vehicles, to pass the real time information to the traveller.

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Shared data

All data is made available for different channels. The data is deployed for the new responsive website of RET, but is also used in the Real Time ret app. In addition, the data is used to generate scheduling folders, including three by yourself to choose stops.

Save your favorite line, stop and travel options

Total Online Experience

Both the ' timetable ' and the ' Travel Planner ' on the website are provided with real time data, so that any delays, redirections and disturbances can be seen on your screen in real time. You can also save a favourite line, stop and travel options, easy to access for your next visit to the RET. In the search of a travel advice not only the route & price is shown, but also the CO2 emission of your journey, compared with that of a car on the same route.

As the first public transport company, RET offers a total online experience where based on your location, or your personal profile, current travel information is offered for your favorite stop, line or trip.