Scelta Mushrooms

A family business where the mushroom has been in DNA for three generations: that is Scelta Mushrooms. It is a Dutch company that operates globally in more than 75 countries. And with such a large international company, of course, a website that radiates the right professionalism. Roy (marketing Manager at Scelta Mushrooms): 'Redkiwi has taken us under her wings to devise a digital strategy. We found in them a party that thinks from our client: What are his problems, what information does he need and what is his purpose?

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Already hungry when viewing the site

The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

Personal communication


Scelta Mushrooms processes fresh mushrooms to products for the retail, food service and industry. The mushrooms you find on your frozen pizza, for example, are very likely to come from Scelta Mushrooms. Also at large restaurant groups you can find the products of Scelta back in your menu. Scelta is a large, modern company with seven production locations and is the leader in the field of food innovation. and the old website no longer met up. Time for a new website, with a goal: more (potential) customers!

It is a true family business with contact persons all over the world. That's why they found it important to show the faces behind Scelta Mushrooms on the website. Such a personal way of communicating is fairly new in the food sector. This sector is very subdued and is often facing the 'champignonbed' instead of the market. With this brand new website, Scelta Mushrooms makes its innovative image true again.

The process of personas and customer journeys


In order to provide the (potential) customer with the best possible information, we have conducted extensive research into the target group. Roy: 'Redkiwi has guided us well and together we have drawn our target groups with the help of personas. They thought about the whole process and about the customer journey.' With the knowledge we gained during the work sessions, we started working on the design. And there we are unwisely proud of!

Also Roy is very happy with the design: 'Redkiwi made a good proposal that suited our company and the size of it'. The biggest compliment came from one of the production companies with which we work together. Immediately after going live they showed our website on a big screen in their canteen. They too were proud!

It's the little things that do the trick. With the cake we were sent, we were able to introduce Redkiwi as our new webbuilder.

Roy Janssen

Marketing Manager at Scelta Mushrooms B.V.
The result


In short: the website for Scelta Mushrooms was a very challenging, instructive route! Thanks to the close and pleasant cooperation with Roy, we came to a great end result at a rapid pace. The content of the website is (or is currently) written in English, French, German and Dutch to serve the best possible international market. The special part of this website is that it automatically adapts to the place where you are. Suppose you are in North America, you are presented to the contact closest to you. A piece of technology that allows us to emphasize the personal approach of (potential) customers further.