TW Steel

TW Steel is known for the stylish big watches. Behind TW Steel is a nice story and of course it also fits a nice website. Exactly before that, TW Steel joined Redkiwi: for a website and webshop in one.

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TW Steel gives time a new dimension

The question

The old website no longer joined the company. A website with which we can serve more (potential) customers!

The challenge

The challenge was mainly to draw the target groups through personas, the entire process and the customer journey that accompanies them.

It's not a watch,

It's a statement

In 2005, Ton and Jordy Camacho, father and son, saw a gap in the market: Big stylish watches. Ton came from the advertising world and Jordy had a DJ shop in Zaandam, so yes... it was a perceptive plan. But: easily said, easily done. Ton designed a number of watches and Jordy offered them in his shop. Within no time they were sold. Soon, Jordy offered fewer DJ articles in his shop and more and more watches. In ten years, TW Steel has developed itself into a worldwide and well-known brand. The watches are now sold in more than a hundred countries.


Website and webshop in one CMS

Special to this project is that TW Steel asked for a website and webshop in one. The platform had to get a look & feel that fits perfectly with the watches: clean, fresh and tough, without complicated things. It was important that the site-shop combination should be easy to manage and easy to navigate.

For TW Steel, we first created a website in Magento. That's pretty exceptional, because Magento is actually a platform for webshops and not for websites. But: we love to think in possibilities and not in obstacles, so we have added a module to Magento especially for TW Steel, which means that there is now a content part that is as easy to manage as a WordPress site. Through a number of different content templates, TW Steel can easily create really beautiful content pages. On the site you see this back to the paginabrede atmosphere images. Of course, you also see the quality that Magento offers for websites back in the whole. The webshop is easy to manage and for visitors: easy to navigate.

Quirky as we are, we have made a part of the design ourselves.

Bart Knaap

Smart watch selector

On the millimeter

In order to make the website more user-friendly, visitors can search for their upcoming favourite watch in the watch selector, among others, filter by color, diameter and mechanism.

Customised work and customization

TW Steel delivers from 3 warehouses to the whole world. That's why we've realized several shops for US, for EU and for AA (Australia and part of Asia). As a visitor, you will automatically be directed to the correct store based on IP address. We did this because each store has separate currency. For those who don't want to order a watch online, the shop has a store locator. This module is unfortunately not standard in Magento, so we built it ourselves.

360 e-commerce

TW Steel we have integrated 360 e-commerce. This is an e-commerce tracking plugin within Mailchimp which allows TW Steel to measure the effects of email marketing from the website. If you can measure the conversion of an e-mail campaign, you can segment it, for example by working with ' follow-ups ' after purchases.


TW Steel about the process: 'First we sat with Jasper, he is honest, even if something is not in favor of Redkiwi. Open communication, that's what we needed, so it clicked on several levels. During the design process we were able to Davey, our project manager, well indicated what we wanted. Quirky as we are, we have made a part of the design ourselves. The Redkiwi designers were able to continue with that. We have really done the whole project together. '