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Working at the JP. As with the corporate website, people are central. The result: an eye-catching working site for new employees that immediately gives the right impression.

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A work-by-site that selects 'by nature'.

The question

The JP wants to approach new employees differently from new clients. A whole new, additional, website in the RedkiwiWordPress Framework is needed!

The challenge

Recruiting new staff who, in terms of work ethic, fit in perfectly with the 'deed by word' foundation. The foundation is looking for employees who really suit them. Communicate that well and do it in the 'JP way'.


A new site for a specific target group.

A new work-at site.

You may remember the JP van den Bent from our case two years ago. 

The foundation helps clients in different ways in life. What that means in concrete terms is that the employees of the JP (also called JP-ers) ensure that clients are helped with their personal issues. JP people offer assistance with living, working or filling in free time. These may be permanent residents of the various locations or visitors to a daycare centre of the foundation. 

We developed a new platform to recruit the right personnel for JP van den Bent; The working at site must be clear, simple, accessible and efficient. And just as with the foundation's corporate website, people are central and it must be clearly stated what the foundation stands for. Who they are, who they are and what they do. It also needs to be clear what new employees can expect from the foundation and vice versa. It goes without saying that a work by site should provide easy and clear insight into the work and learning possibilities of the foundation. 

In order to be able to offer the right support to clients, it is essential for the JP staff to really see clients. Marion Geurtzen - Coordinator secretariat at the JP van den Bent foundation - comments: "It is important to be curious about the clients in order to be able to offer the right help. We noticed that this was the right time for us to rethink the way we want to recruit staff." After the JP van den Bent Foundation had discussed 'working at the JP' with several colleagues from various locations, it became clear that a personal work at site would help. This enables them to provide targeted information to interested parties. 

Why the JP Redkiwichose again?

Scenting:In the summer of 2016 we decided to create a new corporate website for the JP. Where other parties mainly told what they had to offer, the Redkiwi know what kind of organization the JP is. Our "energy meter" was working. The lines are short and we have a flexible mode in our cooperation. It's good to work this way, because we don't have a communications department. And of course we already found that Redkiwi beautiful and high quality websites."

Where other parties mainly said what they had to offer, they wanted to Redkiwiknow what kind of organisation the JP is. Our "energy meter" was working.

Marion Fragrances

Coordinator secretariat

A new style but typical JP

There were several reasons to develop a completely new, additional website instead of just a vacancy page. For example, the target group of the two websites is completely different: the clients together with referrers and relatives, versus the jobseekers. The sites must be marketed in a different way. The corporate identity and working method of the foundation must, of course, be recognisable. 

Another reason to choose a new site is that could be developed in its own 'RedkiwiWordPress Framework'. This allows websites to be adapted and updated at any time, something that is unfortunately not as easy as it looks with regular WordPress websites. 

In addition to the advantages of being able to upgrade and adapt, the site is also scalable, fast, smart and secure thanks to its own framework. It is only built and recorded what the foundation actually needs. The house style is fixed in an optimized framework. The site can be expanded enormously and new wishes can always be implemented. "The improved WordPress version also Redkiwiprovides us with the need to maintain a fast loading time, as we use a lot of images," says Geurtzen. 

Would you like to read more about the advantages of this new technical method? Then read our blog article:  

The people tell the story together' is the key message of the JP. On the current platform, clients, referrers, relatives and employees also have their say. Logically, the works on this site also consist largely of stories. Stories of employees in different jobs. In the form of video content, you can watch along with supervisors, site staff and behavioural experts. You can immediately see what the job entails and what (development) possibilities there are. 

Geurtzen: "We have employees from different roles tell us what it means to them to work at the JP. In this way you can clearly see the variety of people and the leitmotif in the way in which we design support." 

There is also azen to first tell the story of the JP and then to show the vacancies, so that a potential new employee first gets to know the foundation globally and experiences whether there really is a match.

The corporate site uses a lot of quiet colours to create a user-friendly customer journey. Few unnecessary stimuli on the website for clients and their relatives. 

"In general, the works at the site are more playful, there is more use of animations and bright colours", explains Jeroen Brouwer - Project Manager at Redkiwi-. "The look and feel is adapted to the target group. The style, however, is typically JP. This style is especially recognizable by the usual fonts, photos and the purple text color. The identity is clearly recognisable. In order to ensure that the website is recognisable as a whole, a great deal of contact has been made with the JP's communication agency during the development of the website." 


Faster, smarter, safer.

Because it is important that the right message is communicated properly, our project team was invited to take a look within the organisation for a day. Project manager Jeroen Brouwer visited the foundation and he immediately got a clear picture of the impact that the JP van den Bent foundation has on clients. "We visited a number of locations for daytime activities, such as a tea shop and a workshop. We were also allowed to have a look at accommodation, apartments and a crisis shelter. It was very interesting to experience. It also helps us to convey the foundation's story digitally. That's how we get better and it's great to see what a working day in healthcare looks like." 

The works at theJP site tells the story.

Important goals that had to be met by the works at the site have been included. In this way, the meaning of working at the JP and the possibilities are explained for each function. A good impression is given as to whether the way of working suits you with the JP. And there is a clear customer journey to apply, also for an open application. Fragrances about the result: "Applicants indicate that they get a good first impression of the JP via and that this is recognizable by what they have already heard about the foundation. They indicate that what we convey on the site in terms of atmosphere and information is very recognizable in what they experience during their application, and at a number of, now in their work, at the JP."

Working at the JP - What's so special about it?

The outside world looks with admiration at the low overhead and the lack of regulation of the foundation. In everything, the JP focuses on their primary process: the individual question of the client and the professional answer of the JP-er. Staff are given the confidence and responsibility to make their own decisions and to do what is necessary. They have short lines, a minimum of protocols and guidelines. As an employee, you can name what you need to do your job properly. This way of working must suit you.

"The site fits in with our new way of working. We carry out who we are and that helps to find new colleagues. It is not our goal to recruit more people with the worksite, but rather to give interested parties a good first impression. Of course, it may well be that our way of working does not suit someone, so it's nice that this is clear before you start applying for a job," says Geurtzen. 

Curious about (the vacancies on) the work at site? View here the videos with stories from the employees of JP. 

It was very interesting to see how a day in health care goes and for which target group we are committed to communicating this digital good. That's how we get better, too.

Jeroen Brouwer

Project Manager Redkiwi