Zorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid

Zorgkantoor Zorg & Zekerheid helps clients in their quest for long-term health care. In order to become the number one point of contact, we set up a digital strategy plan, after which we developed a clear information platform where all the complex information comes together.

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The platform in the quest for health care

The question

Bring all the information together and design a platform so that the care office can provide the best help to their clients, in the search for health care.

The challenge

To offer the large variety of information and the vast amount of content as easy as possible for clients and their environment.

Quest for health care


Zorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid helps clients in their quest for long-term health care. To be the number one point of contact Redkiwi created a digital strategy, after which a clear information platform was developed. Through different applications, clients easily find the right Information and Personal Care In this complicated medical world.

From the Government the non-profit organization Zorgkantoor Zorg & Zekerheid has an obligation of information. The obsolete website (2007) was drastically due to innovation.

The goal was to increase user-friendliness. The new platform guides clients in their quest for long-term care and brings together all the necessary information. The platform was developed on the open source CMS TYPO3.

User friendly is the key


The information platform offers advice to clients and their environment, think of parents and carers. On the other hand, it offers healthcare providers a platform on which they can profile themselves towards the client. The client has transparent choices.

The new platform uses smart applications to both client, Care provider and referrer Good to be able Inform and Guide. Many abbreviations and medical terms are used in the care that are often unclear to clients and their neighbor. They are often overwhelmed with information that will lose the overview and thus stop the search.

It should be clearly shown which healthcare providers are there, which are suitable, where they are housed, what rights and possibilities clients have and what care best suits each individual. To make this information accessible, the usability of the customer journey must be increased.

By providing a structured overview of all information, the platform ensures that answers to simple questions are captured in advance. As a result, the consultants of Zorgkantoor will ask for more concrete health care. In addition, they can mediate more efficiently by not having to make use of the offline reference work of healthcare providers.

A platform with


In November 2018, the information platform was launched with 300 + pages, 150 + downloads and multiple choice Tools/wizards that guide visitors in the quest for long-term care. To achieve the desired user-friendliness, visibility and findability, the usability is improved through this platform.  

The intended result has been achieved by the following applications:

  • Extreme Search, a strong search function with SOLR technology and applicable filters, makes the search fast and concrete.
  • You can search the platform using voice search.
  • The platform contains a 'Voorlees' function and a clear view of content blocks.
  • The content elements are short, concise and animated.
  • On the homepage you will find an animation video, in which the role of Zorgkantoor becomes immediately clear.
  • The Q&A structure contributes to the decision tree to be able to quickly reach an opinion.
  • An integrated ' care dictionary ' can directly look for the meaning of abbreviations and medical terms.
  • Finally, there is a ' zorgaanbieders card '. This card contains several API implementations. Extensive filtering options provide an overview of all healthcare locations.

From the Government the information platform is anonymous, thus no personal data is recorded. The developed information platform is internally in Zorgkantoor Zorg en Zekerheid the source of information. When telephone contact is made, the consultants use the platform to find information and to deliver advice. The advice is concrete and up-to-date, the information provision is quick, clear and helpful.

The search for care information has been made clear with the platform for care providers, clients and their environment.