We design and build, and we bring organisations and target groups closer together. We do this with strategic concepts that exceed expectations over and over again. Our solutions are challenging and daring. Strikingly progressive, but also very common. We bring complex issues back to surprising simplicity.

We believe in the powerful combination of design and technology. Together with our customers and end users we create digital worlds, platforms, shops and sites. All with only one goal: CREATE DIGITAL IMPACT. We are Full Service Digital Agency Redkiwi; Digital thinkers and doers.

This is how we make impact for you

Our story

    Strategy & advice

    Together with our customers and end users, we create digital worlds, platforms, web shops and sites. This is the basis of a digital strategy. Simply start and see where the ship beach is not our thing.

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    Concept & design

    Your story is unique. The red kiwi between the green ones. Our UX-designers will create the most suitable customer journey based on the chosen strategy. With our designs we contribute to the impact of your organisation for your end-users.

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    Open Source Development

    We strive for sustainable and surprisingly reliable solutions. Cheap will be expensive, no quick and dirty tricks and always from an open mind. In fact, open source is in our DNA and accessibility in our hearts. We use open source development to make impact.

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    Hosting & support

    After go of your website, webshop or platform it starts. Active, professional hosting and support is what we provide. We go for an approach in which your online platform has the space to grow.

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    Optimization & online marketing

    The digital world is never complete and technology and users never stand still. Ever seen 100% conversion except that one test of yourself? No? We already thought with optimization and online marketing We continue to run the buttons to get even more out of your platform, step by step.

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    Our digital solutions

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    With our platforms we make users and technology a team again. Only then you will have an online experience that is complete.

    RET is the dynamic public transport company of the city region of Rotterdam and transports approximately 185 million travellers every year.

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    How is the process going?

    How is the process going?

    After the quotation agrees, the project manager will work with the project. Concept, strategy and design is planned. In the course of the design process, we look at the technical feasibility, and costs, so that there are no surprises. After design agreement, we are going to work with construction. Then you get a training, after which you can start filling the site. Finally we put the site live. The project is then closed, but we prefer to join together a route where we can optimize the site even further.

    What should I imagine when kicking off?

    What should I imagine when kicking off?

    The kick off is a first meeting where, in a relaxed atmosphere, both project teams get to know each other. During this meeting we often prepare the customer for what is to come, so that everyone knows where they are.

    What should I propose to the work sessions?

    What should I propose to the work sessions?

    We use the work session to the company, the products, target groups, markets, etc. Get to know better. Together we fill in the customer journey so that we create a website that fits the needs of the target group. We define together the KPIs of the website, discuss wireframes, look at concepts and identify personas. Each work session is different again and let's connect to what is really needed.

    What CMS systems do you use?

    What CMS systems do you use?

    We use three open source systems: Magento, TYPO3 & WordPress. Within these systems we always look at the best solution for your question.

    Who is my contact during and after the project?

    Who is my contact during and after the project?

    During the project you have an experienced project manager who supervises the project from a to Z. After go the project will be transferred to our support department. During the entire period you have a fixed account manager.

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