Digital transformation

Traditional problems we can solve by using digital technology, that is digital transformation. Digital transformation is a process to deploy opportunities, expectations and possibilities for a (more) digitally oriented organization. To work better and smarter together, with your colleagues and your customers.

In a digitally oriented organization, the customer (colleagues and/or customers) is central throughout the entire process. customer journey. This digital transformation enables deeper innovation and creativity. As a result, your digital solution is more complete than the traditional method you used before. In short: a digital transformation allows you to better serve the end user.

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Examples of digital transformation

The advent of digital transformation has put a lot of fields of work under pressure. Think of the world of print, newspapers, publishers, travel and TV.

  • Travel:, AirBnB, Uber vs traditional travel agencies.
  • TV: Netflix & YouTube vs. the traditional channels.
  • Print: Blendle, Buzzfeed, newspapers with an app.

But also education, the automotive industry and banking with the arrival of Bitcoins, Bunq bank, Tesla, SnappCar, and LinkedIn threaten these industries. 

Advice on digital transformation

Every organization has digital challenges. Do your customers still need an offerte print, sign, scan and send again? Are processes not automatically triggered when placing an order? These are examples of possibilities to enter into a digital transformation and to simplify processes (digitally).

Solutions that are flexible and scalable is what you are looking for. Needs change and you want to respond to them. We give advice on digital transformation and all the facets that come with it! We make changing needs transparent for your organization and the impact on your processes. We digitise existing processes to time- and cost-saving digital processes. Eshuis is a good example of this, take a look at the case of Eshuis

A wealth of experience

Digital transformation is a must

The digital world is developing at a rapid pace. This is a major challenge for organisations and clients. Because digitizing and updating traditional processes is nowadays more regular than exceptional. With the latest technology, we can innovate business models and improve the experiences of your organization and/or customers.

Digital transformation is a process in which many different parts come together. You have to deal with people, processes, current (digital) platforms, results and responsibilities. Everything has to come together and be involved. Need for advice about digital transformation? We're here for you!

Digital transformation consultancy: we go for impact!

Together we look at your current digital situation and what you want to achieve with this transformation process. We look at your objectives and what effect these objectives will have on the entire organization. Our team of digital thinkers and doers look ahead, innovate, strive for simplicity and come up with surprising insights. Everything to improve the service and/or products so that your organization benefits from this. We are here to help you. 

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What makes Redkiwi unique?

What makes Redkiwi unique?

Sometimes our solutions are unexpected and daring. But always surprising and reliable. And from an open mind. Open Source is in our DNA. Accessibility in our hearts. A full service digital agency and everything we design and develop is from the client's quirky mind, customer-driven, which distinguishes you from the rest. Everything with just one goal: CREATE DIGITAL IMPACT!

What CMS systems do you use?

What CMS systems do you use?

We use three open source systems: Magento, TYPO3 & WordPress. Within these systems we always look at the best solution for your question.

Do you outsource your development work?

Do you outsource your development work?

At Redkiwi we have everything in house. So we do not outsource any development work.

What does your development street look like?

What does your development street look like?

We work according to OTAP Street. This means a development, testing, acceptance and product environment. This is to ensure the quality of the platform on the production environment.

What techniques and tools does Redkiwi use?

What techniques and tools does Redkiwi use?

Too much to mention in this piece of text. Otherwise, look at this page for an answer to your question.

Do I have direct contact with developers?

Do I have direct contact with developers?

Sometimes it's just better to talk directly to a developer. Involved as they are this is regularly the case.

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