Online strategy

An online strategy brings all channels, media and resources together in one customer journey. Your customers come into contact with your organisation at different points in your online strategy and all these points must follow each other logically in order to bind your customers to your organisation. Many organizations struggle with their online strategy.

A solid online strategy stands or falls with its implementation and starts and ends with the customer. As digital marketing agency we will help you organize your customer journey and achieve your goals. We renew and innovate your digital landscape with only one goal: achieving results and growth.

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Online strategy by Redkiwi

Redkiwi helps you set up your online strategy. We know where your target group is and how you can achieve more awareness, more traffic, more customers or more turnover in this fast growing digital world. We know what your target audience needs and what solution you can offer them.

In doing so, we look at your KPIs and objectives. We are open and honest about which things you should or shouldn't do. How to stay ahead of your target group and stay ahead of their wishes. This is how we make impact, maximum success! At every step we look at how we can optimally contribute efforts, activities and investments to the success of the online strategy.



There is a lot of choice when it comes to social media channels, but which ones are worth using? With which channels do you reach your target group? But entrepreneurs also wonder how much of their business they can move to the web. These are just a few examples of the strategic issues that entrepreneurs now have to deal with. Redkiwi supports entrepreneurs with their digital marketing challenges. From concept development, web development and SEO to a distinctive social media strategy.

Define a new strategy together?

Are you considering a new strategic direction? Or do you have a simple question about the resources to choose in an increasingly complex online environment? We are always happy to talk to you. Feel free to let us know what your issue or problem is.

From online strategy to measurable results

The starting point for our strategic considerations is that a strategy is never an end in itself. This also applies to an online strategy. This may seem very logical, but it is surprisingly often lost sight of. Gradually in the process or even at the very beginning. The danger of working out a good online strategy is that the strategy itself becomes leading above the underlying principles (objectives). As a result, investments may be made in innovations that are interesting in themselves, but not in the specific case of your company.

As far as we are concerned, the core of a good strategy is choosing the right resources and intensities in a jumble of potential. There is no one size fits all. Companies are unique and so are their strategic considerations. For us, it is a tremendous challenge, time and again, to come up with an innovative strategy together with an organisation that translates a limited amount of resources into a surprisingly good result. Results that are, of course, measurable and provide input for further improvement.

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