Online strategy

Many companies struggle with their online strategy. Not infrequently because entrepreneurs who are not primarily concerned with the Internet find it difficult to keep up with the latest developments. And especially what is relevant.

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Online strategy by Redkiwi

Social media channels are sprouting up like mushrooms, but which ones are worth using? With which do you reach your target group? But entrepreneurs also wonder how much of their business they can move to the web. These are just a few examples of the strategic issues that entrepreneurs now have to deal with. Redkiwisupports entrepreneurs in creating and implementing an effective online strategy. A strategy that ranges from concept development, web development and SEO to a distinctive social media strategy.

Define a new strategy together?

Are you considering a new strategic course? Or do you have a simple question about the resources to choose in an increasingly complex online environment? We are Redkiwialways happy to talk to you. Please let us know what your question or problem is.

From online strategy to measurable results

Our strategic considerations are based on the premise that a strategy is never an end in itself. This also applies to an online strategy. This seems very logical, but it is surprisingly often lost sight of. Gradually in the process or even at the very beginning. The danger of developing a good online strategy is that the strategy itself becomes leading over the underlying principles. As a result, investments may be made in innovations that are interesting in themselves, but not in the specific case of your company. In our view, the core of a good strategy is to choose the right resources and intensities in a maze of potential. There is no one size fits all. Companies are unique and so are their strategic considerations. For us, it is a great challenge to work with an entrepreneur, time and again, to come up with an innovative strategy that translates a limited amount of resources into a surprisingly good result. Results that are of course measurable and provide input for further improvement.

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