Catherina Bostantzis

Catherina is a native 'RotterdammerT' and can be found here regularly. She likes to eat out and likes to try new, hip, (vegan) restaurants. Her passion is running.

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The best product to drop!

Eight years ago, Catherina started at Redkiwi. She has seen Redkiwi grown up and is proud to be project manager of the WordPress team. "As a project manager you set up the frameworks, such as budget and planning, and within this scope you will work with your team and the customer to put the best product in the market. The collaboration and interaction makes sure that you create something that has the we did it together signature. "

The team is constantly developing and has a great focus on quality. The dynamism and energy that arises from this is for her one of the reasons to cycle with a laugh towards Redkiwi every morning.