Corine Denekamp

Corine, born in Rotterdam, but raised in Rozenburg. A true family person, we know that like no other! She loves her two cats and likes to DIY (well, if Ben does not do it), a real hobby photographer and she gets on the motorcycle in her spare time! Control Freak is the middle name, but especially driven to go a step forward every day is her game.

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Corine thinks it's great to support employees in personal development and to make the best match with the roles in the organization. If the qualities and capacities of the employees are optimally utilised, that is of course a win-win situation for employee and organization.

Corine is our control freak and crazy about structure (no, no paint or wallpaper), with these wonderful features she tries to set our processes as efficiently as possible so that tools and processes will work for you instead of against you. Her work is one big puzzle, sometimes pieces are missing or they are not quite in the right place and as soon as a puzzle piece is in the right place, she has a great day!