Danique Waanders
  • chocolate lover
  • COZY
  • Perfectionist


Danique studies Communication and Multimedia Design at the Hogeschool in Utrecht. Before she started this she has already completed the Media Design training in Apeldoorn. But she did not get enough satisfaction from this, so she wanted to continue studying. Currently she is specializing in User Experience Design, her interest lies here. Although she is also very enthusiastic about Visual Design. She is very eager to learn and starts working as an intern at Redkiwi with enthusiasm. On the basis of her internship at Redkiwi she hopes to find out where her passion lies.


After having designed a day, she loves to cook with a good glass of wine. Nice chatting, playing games or dances at festivals with her friends is not a punishment either. But if she does not feel like it, she does not say no to an evening of Netflix. Whether it is with wine or tea with chocolate, she is quickly satisfied.

In addition to her internship at Redkiwi, she also works twice a week at the Beatrix Theater in Utrecht as a hostess. She is very happy there and despite the fact that it is going to be busy, she definitely wants to keep combining it. After having hocked for years, she is not doing much more at the moment. Although she can still be found on the pistes in Austria every year. She loves this, all day outside and on the slats. Drinking a beer afterwards in the apr├ęs ski tent is certainly part of it.