Jarah Gartener

Jarah sees himself as an ambitious and creative human being. Besides Redkiwi, he is passionate about making videos (he also is making videos for us), doing business, making distant travels and doing a 'bakkie' with people he is happy with.

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Freedom = Happiness

Jarah indicates that you can learn great things at Redkiwi because of the freedom you get there. In addition, the working environment of Redkiwi is very pleasant. It exudes design and creativity. This makes it more fun for him to work in such a kind of environment compared to, for example, a dusty and grey office.

Redkiwi has several customers from different industries. This diversity also contributes positively to the daily work. Redkiwi also has a young corporate culture with an open-minded character. They are always open to new things. This ensures that Jarah can always contribute something when he feels like it.