Jens de Rond

As Feyenoord fan, Jens is at all the home games in the cockpit at the hard core in box S. In addition to watching football, he also occasionally kicks a ball into a team of friends at his local football club.

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A real Molloot...

Through the week he is engaged in programming hobby projects or watching programs like Holland bakes or who Is the mole where he also has a Blog keeps track of.

In 2016, Jens has already walked internship at Redkiwi When he was still studying MBO informatics. After graduating, Jens started a BACHELOR's degree in informatics at Avans in Breda. Now that this training is also beginning to come to an end he is back at Redkiwi To run his graduation internship. Like Redkiwi Jens also has the drive to make cool solutions. He is working on creating a solution to work headless in combination with Magento 2.