Paul Staal

Paul starts the day quietly with a cup of coffee and an extensive breakfast with his girlfriend. Because the sun is shining, he goes outside. Looking for the cooling shade of the forest or the refreshing breeze on the water. He prefers to go there on his longboard or rollerblades. Once he arrives, he takes a walk or reads a non-fiction book to deepen or broaden his knowledge. At the end of the day he goes back to the city for a snack and a drink on the terrace.

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<3 mensen en design & techniek

Paul loves people and design & technique. On his ideal working day he likes to combine this as much as possible and he is the link between the business and his colleagues at Redkiwi. He gets energy from understanding new issues and devising and proposing the best solution. On his ideal working day Paul is sparring in the morning with a (new) customer about a website or functionality. In the afternoon he tests his ideas with his colleagues and takes the necessary information to further elaborate the proposal or the pitch.