Ronan Versendaal

Ronan is a inquisitive web developer and part of the TYPO3 team. In his spare time he is often involved in his own projects. If he is not doing projects, he is happy to be with his family and friends. Further, you can find Ronan on his long board, or on the track with an arrow and bow!

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Problem improver

Ronan was already busy with technology and gadgets in his youth. The chances of improving and automating such problems felt like a 'everything is possible' feeling. His interests lies in trying out new things, something that fits well with development. Ronan sees himself keen to continue to grow, both on a technical level and in person.

Ronan matches well with Redkiwi, mainly because it is a sociable, open and informal company. That is Rotterdam! Redkiwi also puts a lot of attention in her employees, something that Ronan attaches great importance to. Working together with a team that likes to do his best to improve on all sorts of points is something that he is very happy with.