Shaquell van Ommeren

Shaquell it is, pleasant! In his spare time he is a boxer and likes to travel. Shaquell has a love for Movies & series. Secretly, he also finds himself a table tennis talent, but unfortunately not all kiwis share the same opinion.

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Fast switching, scheduling and communicating...

Work should be fun for Shaquell, fortunately that's the case with Redkiwi. In his position at customer support, he gets to deal with various challenges for the most diverse customers on a daily base. To help these customers properly, you need to be able to switch, plan and communicate with the rest of your team. That makes his work not monotonous and boring. Happy though!

It feels good to be able to make a difference for large customers such as RET, Boskalis or Gemeente Leiden. Besides the fine colleagues, high-strength lunches and intensive table tennis parties, the atmosphere at Redkiwi is good. We want to achieve the best digital results for our customers by working hard and having fun!