Sjoerd de Witte

Sjoerd is a real bon vivant and an approacher. Not words but deeds, as they call them in Rotterdam. That's a plus, because as a digital consultant he ensures that the customers end up Redkiwiin a warm bath.

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Sjoerd loves the Burgundian life in the free hours, every day there is another meal with a good glass of wine on the menu and on Wednesday the feet go off the floor with ballroom dancing. Saturday is all about organizing a cool turnout for scouts. Did you know that Sjoerd has been backpacking with his fiancée through Southeast Asia for over seven months?

Sjoerd gets out of bed a lot early. You can wake him up for a nice walk before sunrise, active winter sports and hiking holidays and for a party or day of sauna you can also poke him. WhyRedkiwi? Who doesn't want to work for the best web agency in Rotterdam with a well stocked bar, peers and within walking distance (say 2 minutes) of his house!