Working at Redkiwi

Redkiwi is an ambitious full service digital agency where we work with beautiful customers on complex projects. Every day we enjoy ourselves again. We do not impose limits on each other, because the possibilities are endless. 

We dive in our own way, with Rotterdam soberness, in the unique thought of the customer. We strive for sustainable and surprisingly reliable solutions. Strikingly progressive, but also very common.

Our values

Our story

    Together is not alone

    No strings attached! At Redkiwi we like to do things together. Our team is great, but our involvement is greater. Everyone knows what's going on and the lines are short. We get energy by sparing with the right professionals about your problem. Each with his or her own view. Together with our customers and partners, we bring targetgroups and organisations closer together.

    Creative all the way

    At Redkiwi you meet a group of digital thinkers and creators with endless creative solutions. Every day, together with our customers, we work on concepts that exceed expectations. Our solutions are strikingly progressive, but also very common.

    Dusty office scenes? Not here!

    Only our office though, WOW! Every day we challange ourselves with pleasure, making fun and fetch the maximum out, actually, everything. Dusty office scenes can be written on your stomach at Redkiwi. Working hard in combination with a game of table tennis or pool, sounds great right?

    Groundbreaking work

    Our work is never finished and perfection does not exist, but we are continually surpassing ourselves with innovative and new solutions. Our platforms change the (digital) world. Pixel for pixel, string string and percent for percent.

    Kiwi 2.0 in the making

    At Redkiwi, we do not comply with tight rules and rusty protocols. We prefer to work with guidelines. We do not impose limits on each other, because the possibilities are endless. Indeed, our experience is that Redkiwi becomes a better company if you do what you are happy about. That's why you get a lot of space for your professional and personal development. This way you grow by yourself to version 2.0 of yourself.

    Proud of our work

    We are a group of digital highflyers who are passionate and proud to work on the digital world. We believe in the powerful combination of design and technology. The (award) price box of Redkiwi is therefore well filled. Over the years we have been able to hold many nominations and awards.

    Our customers