Why Open Source?

Open Source Software offers you a lot of advantages as a website owner. In particular, the large community of developers makes this type of software interesting.

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Because there are many people developing Open Source, any problems are discovered in a timely manner. The community then ensures that security patches are deployed quickly. This allows you to have a particularly safe system. Now and in the future.

Independent of supplier

With a system like TYPO3 Or WordPress You are not tied to one supplier. If you want to work with another party, you can easily move your website. If you choose your own CMS of a webbuilder, then moving on is often not possible.

No Licensing fees

The term Open Source says it all. The system is freely available. So you don't have to pay expensive license fees for the system.

Sharing knowledge leads to higher quality products

The saying goes: Two know more than one. In the case of Open Source, thousands of developers often work on a system. The result is a qualitatively better product than a developer can ever achieve.

Open Standards and structures

The developments in the open Source market have an ' open ' character. This makes links to other systems easily realized. Often the open standards of the open Source market are taken over as the standard in the market. So you are assured that your system can easily communicate with other systems.

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What makes Redkiwi unique?

What makes Redkiwi unique?

Sometimes our solutions are unexpected and daring. But always surprising and reliable. And from an open mind. Open Source is in our DNA. Accessibility in our hearts. A full service digital agency and everything we design and develop is from the client's quirky mind, customer-driven, which distinguishes you from the rest. Everything with just one goal: CREATE DIGITAL IMPACT!

What does a website/shop cost to you?

What does a website/shop cost to you?

That depends heavily on what you and your end users want. Otherwise, please contact us via 010-281 96 33. We are looking forward to the challenge and discussing the budget like with you.

Are your prices fixed or do you still have unexpected costs?

Are your prices fixed or do you still have unexpected costs?

For each phase of the project, we issue a fixed estimate, with the exception of linking systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). This is because we are dependent on third party partners/systems and the establishment thereof.

Who is my contact during and after the project?

Who is my contact during and after the project?

During the project you have an experienced project manager who supervises the project from a to Z. After go the project will be transferred to our support department. During the entire period you have a fixed account manager.

Who do you host?

Who do you host?

At Redkiwi We have the hosting in our own management and we take the resources from our partner CloudVPS. The full hosting is therefore managed by Redkiwi And the data is stored in the Netherlands.

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