TYPO3 Content Management System (CMS)

With the TYPO3 Enterprise Content Management System (CMS) you can easily manage your website. If you want to create, manage and share successful content in any form, then TYPO3 is the right tool.

Whether your website consists of ten pages or a few hundred. Whether the website is managed by one person or by an entire editorial team. Whether it's one site or multiple sites. It doesn't matter, in the TYPO3 CMS you are able to handle this flexibility, as well as the growth that the company is going through. The CMS adapts, with some help from us, to your needs.

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Why choose the TYPO3 CMS from Redkiwi ?

Redkiwi is a big fan of the TYPO3 CMS. We have been working with TYPO3 since the start of Redkiwi and because of that:

  • we have completed more than 500 projects, including for VARA, TROS, RET, HTMMunicipality of Utrecht, Leiden and Haarlem, Publishers Coutinho & Boskalis;
  • at Redkiwi multiple TYPO3 Certified Integrators work;
  • We are closely involved in the TYPO3 community: as organizer of the annual conference in the Netherlands; as speaker at national and international events; as sponsor of municipal user association; as co-developer of 'core extensions' and the cms and as partner to make TYPO3 more visible in the Netherlands;
  • we are the first Dutch organisation to be affiliated with the official TYPO3 Association;

TYPO3: thousands of websites worldwide!

TYPO3 is used for 500.000+ websites worldwide. In more than 50 countries companies are active that Open Source Implement Enterprise Content Management System and it is available in as many as 48 languages! Some facts about TYPO3:

  • 9 million downloads worldwide
  • 9,000 features
  • 1,500+ extensions and modules available
  • Open Source, so no license fees for using TYPO3.
  • Multisite & multi language options
  • Different access rights

TYPO3 CMS = user friendly

With TYPO3, you can easily publish digital content in any channel you need today - and even in a channel you hadn't thought of before! True to the original task of a CMS, so separating content from its presentation becomes a simple task at last.

It doesn't matter if you want to run a website, a social media hub or a full-blown media center. Whether you want to automate your marketing with tools such as Hubspot whether you want to monitor your success through Yoast SEO & analytics.

With TYPO3 you can publish 'once created' content to different channels and formats, simply and automatically.

TYPO3 as the basis for your digital solution?

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