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``It can be a lot easier.`` Something visitors often think about when surfing the Internet. It can, this is our answer. With Redkiwi's web applications, we can make humans and technology a team again. A strong combination delivers performance. Together we create impact! We do this by fully understanding your business processes and at the same time allowing ourselves to be inspired by the desires of the visitor. Only then can it be stated that an online experience is and feels complete. This is pure simplicity.

Creating Digital Impact...

We believe that when humans and technology come together, something remarkable is set in motion. A sense of euphoria! It can finally be different. It can be easier. That’s what we do: we create digital impact. How do we do that? Start scrolling!

  • By customer satisfaction

    Making people’s lives more enjoyable is what we do at Redkiwi. With our web applications, we make online more interactive, easier and faster. Essential for the user, who can consequently find everything he’s looking for, relax, unwind and be entertained. The visitor is given a complete digital experience. Crucial for you, seeing a satisfied visitor is a loyal visitor.

  • By customer engagement

    As we have said before: a team. Close cooperation between humans and technology. That's how we create impact with our web applications. By creating interaction at all times so that it counts for the visitor. Technique that always helps in simplifying tasks and making life a lot easier for the users.

  • By cost reduction

    We bring complexity back to simplicity; complicated processes back to one push on the button. At Redkiwi, we believe digital transformation will enrich your business. We believe that the step from offline to a complete online experience should not be an option but a choice. By streamlining processes, you can organize your business logic much more efficiently.

Experience the power of simplicity

Daily, large amounts of information are processed. Paper stacks, manual handling and using different tools to get a task completed are the order of the day. Of course, that can be a lot easier. We will bring your business logic back into one easy-to-use web application. Experience the power of simplicity!

  • User experience design

    Before we dive into code and design, it's important to know who your visitor is. Is he an introvert or extrovert, does he like self-researching or does he prefer to be surprised? Answers to these questions serve as a basis for the user experience design.

  • Customer journey

    Any contact with the brand or product must leave a lasting impression. We work out the touch points of the customers’ journey and connect this to digital solutions. Every step of the way!

  • Strategy & Concept

    At the moment, the consumer has no hidden secrets left. But we know that digital impact only takes place when the strategy and concept of your web application matches your brand story, identity and goals. We are happy to help you to formulate this strategy and test the feasibility of the online concept.

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  • Roadmapping

    Whatever path we choose to walk together, we will work this out in a clear roadmap. Every milestone has its own planning. And then ... time to hit the road!

  • Design

    Simplicity can also be seen in our designs. Tight frames, user-friendly navigation and clear call-to-action; everything the visitor needs to find his way. As if he knows the web application like the back of his hand. Screaming loudly is not necessary, however using simplicity to say anything and everything is much more effective.

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Digital designers & doers

As you sit back and unwind, we will see to it that everything is arranged and organised, from concept to result. Each code, each visual, each brainwave and every phase are in the hands of a conscientious kiwi. In addition, we work with several specialists in the field who have repeatedly proved themselves.

  • WordPress

    WordPress is one of the most widely used Content Management Systems at the moment. WordPress has been in existence for 10 years now and there are more than 65 million websites in 120 different languages. What are you waiting for?

  • Typo3

    TYPO3 is one of the world's most widely used open source content management systems. The TYPO3 community is especially known for its scope and focus on safety and quality. It is estimated that over 250.000 websites worldwide have originated from TYPO3.

  • Mailplus

    Whoever runs extensive and even personalized email campaigns by way of MailPlus is doing well. This advanced and highly professional e-mail marketing tool has numerous possibilities and is also very user-friendly.

  • Mailchimp

    With a good newsletter you can attract customers, potential customers and partners to your company or organization. MailChimp is a well-known and fast-growing player in this market. Rightfully so, is our conclusion!

  • Margot de Heide Fotografie
    Margot de Heide Fotografie

    Margot de Heide is a freelance photographer and enjoys working with Redkiwi. She has already taken care of photography for a variety of Redkiwi customers thus raising the websites to a higher level!

  • Afdeling Online
    Afdeling Online

    We join forces with the online marketing agency Afdeling Online. Afdeling Online helps our clients with everything in the field of online marketing.

Zest for life

You can take another happy step only if you are really and truly happy. This has been said in the past and it is certainly the case with our kiwis. For example, a perfect combination of thinkers and doers know every time, again and again, how to execute their tasks, making life even more beautiful and easier for you day-by-day.

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Part of life

Our digital creations do not stand-alone. They are part of life! Part of our client's business processes! Part of the end-user’s routine! Part of the interaction with technology! Click here to see how we have enriched our clients’ experiences!

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